Linda Garrison

Linda Garrison with the penguins of Macquarie Island
••• Linda Garrison with the penguins of Macquarie Island. Photo Courtesy of Claire Cline

Linda Garrison went on her first cruise in high school and was hooked on cruising. She has cruised over 150 times and spent more than 1100 days on ships. Linda loves ships of all kinds and has sailed on a wide variety of ships from small sailing ships to river cruises to mega-liners, and budget-priced cruises to ultra-expensive. She has enjoyed cruise destinations on all seven continents and visited dozens of diverse countries and hundreds of ports of call via ship. Many travelers don't realize just how much of the world can be seen on a cruise!


Linda has loved to travel her entire life. As a child, she learned to love maps and helped her parents plan many family trips. Her husband has often said that he only has to open the car door and say "Go" and she is ready to travel -- anywhere, anyplace, anytime. As an adult, she quickly determined the usefulness of the Internet for planning vacations and expanding her knowledge of the world. Becoming a travel writer was a logical extension of this lifelong passion for travel and learning.

Linda was responsible for the Cruises site from July 2000 to May 2017, when the content was transferred to 


Linda has an MBA in accounting so she understands the joy of analyzing cruise vacation options and the importance of getting great value for your vacation dollars.

Linda Garrison

"Cruises are a great vacation for almost everyone who loves to explore new places, meet new people, eat good food, and seek new horizons. My goal is to provide the visitor with all the information necessary to plan and enjoy the cruise and destination experience as much as I do."

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