How These Air Travel Items Will Change Your Life

They Come In Handy

Thousands of companies are creating items they think will make air travel easier. But there is limited space in an airline carry-on bag, so items trying to get into them better be impressive. Below are 15 items that could make the cut for passengers.

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Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag

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Sometimes you don’t want to check a suitcase or take rollaboard luggage as a carry-on. This roll-up bag is a great option for a one- or two-day trip. The bag is large enough to hold up to four days’ worth of shirts, pants, underwear and socks. It’s easy to roll and compress the items and carry it with an attached carrying strap. It’s a tight 17 inches long by by 1.25 inches wide by 4 inches high when rolled, fitting easily into an aircraft’s overhead bin.

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Silk Sleep Mask and Travel Pillow

Image courtesy of Manito

Just because you’re sitting in economy doesn’t mean you can’t create your own sense of first class. One way to do that is with this travel set, created by Manito. The 12 inch by 14 inch pillow is filled with 100 percent long strand mulberry silk and includes a silk cover that fits into a carry-on bag. The matching silk sleep mask is also filled with 100 percent mulberry silk floss and have a firm fit to block light but not too tight to be uncomfortable.

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ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket

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The Storm Logic Jacket is a functional water-resistant jacket that can be turned into a travel pillow when stuffed into the sack on the bottom of the jacket. The jacket features an inside travel pocket system that allows wearers to find and store travel essentials securely. Each pocket has an icon that lets you know what you should store there, with slots for a passport, cellphone and even a small digital camera.

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Image courtesy of Airpocket

The Airpocket is small enough that you only carry what you need but large enough to hold all your travel essentials like a passport, some credit cards, your phone, any important travel documents and a book. It’s made of neoprene and has several pockets that help you stay organized. Once on the plane, simply place it in the seat-back pocket for easy access to whatever you might need. It also stretches over a suitcase handle.

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HooToo Wireless Hard Drive Companion

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It’s essential to have an additional power source when traveling. This 6000mAH power bank has two USB ports so you can charge a phone and tablet at the same time. It also doubles up as a Wi-Fi router. Simply connect it to the wired network and share.

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Memory Foam Eye Mask with Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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​For those who like as much functionality from one item as possible, this eye mask with built in wireless earphones is perfect. It fits comfortably around the eyes, completely blocking out light. The rechargeable earphones connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, and have up to 6 hours play time. It also comes with a microphone for calls.

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The Airhook

Image courtesy of The Airhook

As an aisle sitter, I know the odds of having to get up to accommodate my window and middle seat companions is high. Most times, my tray table is down, with my iPad or laptop, along with a snack and a drink. So it can be a major production to pick up all this when someone needs to step out. That’s why I love the Airhook. This handy device serves two purposes: A stable drink holder and a secure mount for your smartphone or tablet. The best part? It clips to the top of the tray table, which means you never have to fold it down.

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AKG N60 NC noise-cancelling headphones

I previously wrote about my four picks for noise cancelling headphones, a must-have when I travel. I’m adding these headphones to the list. The N60 NCs come with a carrying pouch and a flight adapter that both fit easily in a purse or travel bag. The battery lasts a whopping 30 hours and can be easily recharged with a USB cable.  The headphones have a built-in mic that allows you to use it for phone calls.

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Tugo Luggage Drink Holder

You’re sitting at a crowded gate, trying to balance your travel tote and carry-on suitcase. You need a cup of coffee before boarding, and there’s no place to put it. But now there’s the Tugo cup holder, which uses the handles of your rolling bag to hold the drink without it sloshing around or spilling. When done, it doesn’t take much room in your carry-on bag.

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EgeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock

If you’re like me, it can be hard to keep up with passwords and codes for all the devices in our lives. When we travel, we want to ensure that our bags are safe, so we buy travel locks. The EgeeTouch padlock is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled or NFC-enabled smartphone to secure and unlock luggage.

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Tripplite Travel-Size Surge Protector

We’ve all been there. Our smartphone or tablet is on fumes and all the outlets in the airport are being used. But with this portable surge protector -- which has three outlets and two USB ports -- you can ask someone occupying an outlet if you can plug in and share. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Long-haul flights can be rough in coach class, so anything that helps provide comfort is a help. One of those things is a good neck pillow, and the NapAnywhere device fits the bill. I’m usually not a fan of neck pillows, but this one allows travelers to rest comfortably while sitting upright.

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Speaking of long-haul flights, another must-have is a good eyemask, which is always part of my personal amenity kit. You want something that’s comfortable, compact and blocks out the light. This mask is hollow on the inside, so you can keep your eyes open; and ladies don’t have to worry about smudging their eye makeup. It’s also has an adjustable velcro strap for a good fit.

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ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

You have your travel pillow and sleep mask. Now all you need are ear plugs and ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are the ones you want. They have a handy cord that connects them, and because they are molded, they are very effective at blocking ambient airplane noises like engines, temperature controls and that screaming baby.

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Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

FAA regulations prohibit passengers from bringing their own alcohol aboard a plane, but there’s no reason why you can’t have your favorite cocktail. With this personal cocktail kit for two, you can be your own bartender and make a pair of Old Fashioneds. The kit, contained in a sturdy metal box, includes pure cane sugar, small batch bitters, a mini bar spoon/muddler and a linen coaster. Order a mini bottle of rye and you’ll be set.

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