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When thinking of the term LGBTQ, Gay Pride parades and Gay Film Festivals may spring to mind as special events that take place at certain times of the year. But having an LGBTQ sexuality means living that identity every moment of every day. In recent years, the legal rights of the LGBTQ population have made progress, and hopefully, more is still to come. Albuquerque is a welcoming city with a solid LGBTQ community.

Sexuality means different things to different people. Overall, the term refers to a person's sexual attraction to others. Sexual orientation refers to the sexual and romantic feelings someone has toward another person. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning, and along with the term heterosexual, the terms describe how a person views their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

The following lists provide information on LGBTQ terminology as well as resources and programs. 

General Sexual Terms

Gender Expression
Someone's gender expression refers to the external characteristics and behaviors that are identified as masculine or feminine. This can include the way someone dresses, the way they speak, etc. Someone's gender expression is what they choose to show others.

Gender Identity
Gender Identity refers to the internal feelings someone has about their sexual identity. For the most part, people have a gender identity that matches the sex they were born with. Some people, however, have a gender identity that is different than the one received at birth. When this occurs, people may use the term "transgender" or "gender nonconforming" to talk about their gender identity.

Someone who is not sure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and who prefers the term questioning to a specific label.

Someone who does not identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, but feels comfortable with the term queer because it includes diverse sexual identities and gender identities.

Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation refers to the sexual attraction felt for someone of a particular sex. For example, if someone is lesbian, it refers to a woman who is sexually attracted to another woman.

The term is used to describe some Native American Indigenous lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and having both a male and female spirit within one person.

Sexual Orientation Terms

Usually refers to a male-identified person who is attracted to other men or male-identified individuals. The term also refers to the LGBTQ community.

A female identified person who is attracted to other women or female-identified individuals.

When someone is attracted to both male and female individuals, they are considered bisexual.

Gender Identity Terms

Someone who merges both masculine and feminine characteristics.

The term is used for someone who is not sexually attracted to anyone.

A term to identify someone whose gender identity is the same as the gender they were born with.

Gender non-conforming
Someone whose gender characteristics and/or behaviors don't conform to traditional expectations.

When someone doesn't completely identify as male or female, this term is used. This can be someone who is not transgender.

The term refers to a series of medical conditions. A child's sex chromosomes and genital appearance don't match or are different from standard male or female characteristics.

People who are attracted to more than just cisgender males and females.

When someone's gender identity is different than the one assigned at birth, they are considered to be transgender people. The term trans is used as an umbrella term for all the identities within the spectrum of gender identity.

A transsexual describes someone who surgically transitions from one gender to another. The term transgender is more commonly used today.

LGBTQ+ Resources:

Casa Q
(505) 872-2099
Casa Q in Albuquerque provides safe living options and services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer young people who are at risk or experiencing homelessness. The options are also available for their allies, those who don't identify as LGBTQ but help those who identify that way. A large number of LGBTQ youth experience homelessness and they face greater risks. Casa Q provides services to these at-risk teens with programs tailored to help them feel safe.

Common Bond
Common Bond works to build support for the LGBTQ community. Their projects include the youth group U21, SAGE ABQ for LGBT elders, and the Emergency Project, which provides assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS.

Equality New Mexico
Equality New Mexico is a statewide organization that promotes civil rights, advocacy and education and outreach programs for the state's LGBTQ community.

GLSEN Albuquerque Chapter
The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network strives to ensure that school communities provide a place where all students feel wanted and safe. The organization provides kits on how to create safe schools, a jump start guide, a safe space kit and more. It fosters Gay and Straight alliances nationwide. It also provides resources for teachers to teach diversity and tolerance in their classrooms.

Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights Campaign is a worldwide organization fighting for LGBTQ civil rights. The campaign has information on legal issues that are before state legislatures and outlines why it supports or does not support specific initiatives. It provides a pathway to connect with issues and become active.

LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of New Mexico
(505) 277-LGBT (5428)
The LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of New Mexico provides resources that can be accessed within the center, as well as services that reach out to the UNM community.

LGBTQ Programs at New Mexico State University
(575) 646-7031
The New Mexico State University LGBTQ program provides advocacy, education, resources and a center that includes a computer lab, an LGBTQ themed library, and a lounge. It promotes inclusion and diversity at NMSU. 

New Mexico Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network (NMGSAN)
(505) 983-6158
The statewide network works to build the resiliency of LGBTQ youth. Its programs include youth events, GSA club support, education and awareness campaigns, adult training, networking, and advocacy. The NMSGAN is a program of the Santa Fe Mountain Center.

The national organization works to bring the LGBTQ community together with family, friends, and allies. New Mexico chapters can be found in Albuquerque, Alamogordo, Gallup, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Silver City and Taos.

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico
The center serves as a resource for the state's transgender population. It advocates and assists the transgender population, their families and allies. It has a drop-in center with a variety of support services.

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