Learning Spanish in Valencia Spain

Old buildings in old town Valencia

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Find out about what it's like to learn Spanish in Valencia. It's important to choose wisely when selecting a place to learn Spanish in Spain.

What Language Do They Speak in Valencia?

This question is not as silly as it may sound as there are a number of languages spoken in Spain.

In Valencia they speak a form of Catalan (the locals call it 'Valenciano' but this is not officially recognised anywhere outside of Valencia.

Everyone in Valencia speaks Castillian Spanish, but many will speak to each other in Catalan in the street. This will be a bit of a hindrance to your learning experience.

The Accent and Dialect You'll Hear in Valencia

You will mainly hear Catalan in the streets of Valencia, not Castillian Spanish. Even road signs and advertisements are in Catalan. You will find newspapers, TV and radio in both languages.

When the Valencians speak Castillian Spanish, they speak with a good accent. But if you can't heard it spoken in the streets, you lose one of the main advantages of learning Spanish in Spain.

Lifestyle in Valencia

Valencia is Spain's third largest city, so it has all the amenities you'd expect of a large metropolis. But the old-town center is small, so you won't feel overwhelmed by the size of the city.

Valencia has a big student population and there is a good nightlife to accompany it. As a large city, Valencia has plenty of exhibitions, shows and concerts, but nowhere near as many as Madrid or Barcelona.

Climate in Valencia

Valencia, being further south than Barcelona, gets slightly warmer weather than the Catalan capital in summer, but is cooler than Madrid. In winter, the sea keeps temperates mild.

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