Learning Spanish in Malaga

Malaga Bullring
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Introduction to Learning Spanish in Malaga Spain:

Find out about what it's like to learn Spanish in Malaga. It's important to choose wisely when selecting a place to learn Spanish in Spain. Read more about Where to Learn Spanish in Spain or find about a Language School in Malaga

What Language Do They Speak in Malaga?:

This question is not as silly as it may sound as there are a number of Languages Spoken in Spain.

In Malaga they speak standard (Castillian) Spanish.

The Accent and Dialect You'll Hear in Malaga:

The Malaga accent can be quite strong and difficult to understand for people who are not used to it. They tend to speak quickly and they drop a number of letters, especially the 's'.

Lifestyle in Malaga:

Malaga is quite a big city and has nightlife to suit most tastes. Flamenco is popular, as is bullfighting.

As Malaga is on the coast, the beach is an important part of life in the city.

The Costa del Sol attracts a lot of British folk in search of a suntan, many of whom live permanently near Malaga. This means you will hear a lot of English in the streets - not ideal for learning Spanish.

Climate in Malaga:

Situated on the south coast of Spain, Malaga is warm throughout the year and can get very hot in summer (though not as hot as in-land cities such as Seville or Madrid.

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Language Schools Where You Can Learn Spanish in Malaga:


Cervantes Escuela International Malaga (note that while Cervantes Escuela International Malaga is a Cervantes Institute accredited school, it is no more directly associated with it than most other schools - the similar name is a just a convenient coincidence.

Don Quijote Language School in Malaga

Malaga Si

Cactus Language Malaga

La Brisa Malaga

Instituto Picasoo Malaga

Alhambra Instituto Malaga