Learning Spanish in Madrid

Learning Spanish in Madrid Spain

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Introduction to Learning Spanish in Madrid Spain:

Find out about what it's like to learn Spanish in Madrid. It's important to choose wisely when selecting a place to learn Spanish in Spain. Read more about Where to Learn Spanish in Spain

Language Schools in Madrid:

These are just a few of the language schools in Madrid:


  • Don Quijote A reputable school with good class sizes and an extensive network all over Spain.
  • IH Madrid There are several branches of International House in Madrid. IH has schools all over Spain.
  • CEE Idiomas The cheapest and most centrally located language school Madrid. Class sizes can be very big - as high as 18 to a class.

What Language Do They Speak in Madrid?:

This question is not as silly as it may sound as there are a number of Languages Spoken in Spain.

In Madrid they speak standard Castilian Spanish. Despite so many Catalans and Basques moving to Madrid, you are unlikely to hear their languages in Madrid, due (in part) to the simmering hostility between the regions. You are more likely to hear South American Spanish than Catalan or Basque in Madrid.

The Accent and Dialect You'll Hear in Madrid:

The Madrileños (inhabitants of Madrid) speak one of the purer forms of Castillian Spanish. Their accent is one of the clearest and they speak with few idiosyncrasies. One of the most common oddities you'll find in Madrid Spanish (and much of central Spain) is a tendency to pronounce the final 'd' in a word as a Spanish 'z' (the English 'th').

There's even a website called Es Madrid No Madriz. Many people from central Spain will insist that this is correct Spanish. They're wrong. Still, you won't find a much better form of Spanish than what you hear in Madrid.

Lifestyle in Madrid:

This is important if you're going to be spending a long time here.

As the capital of Spain, Madrid has plenty to do. Everything you could hope for can be found in Madrid. The city has several universities, so there is a good student nightlife, if that's what you're looking for. You can also see stage shows, watch big-name concerts, eat cusine from throughout the world - you name it.

Madrid has seen a lot of immigration in recent years. You can easily find people from your own country in Madrid. But if you don't want to meet people from your own country, Madrid is big enough for you to hide from them too.


Climate in Madrid:

Madrid can be cold in winter and painfully hot in summer. It gets so hot in Madrid in summer that the city becomes a ghost town as the locals head for the beach. I wouldn't recommend learning Spanish in Madrid in July and August.

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