Learning Spanish in Bilbao Spain

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Introduction to Learning Spanish in Bilbao Spain:

Find out about what it's like to learn Spanish in Bilbao. It's important to choose wisely when selecting a place to learn Spanish in Spain. Read more about Where to Learn Spanish in Spain

What Language Do They Speak in Bilbao?:

This question is not as silly as it may sound as there are a number of Languages Spoken in Spain.

In Bilbao many people speak Basque as their first language. The Basque language has no connection to Spanish or indeed any Latin-based language. However, you won't hear as much Basque spoken in the street as you will hear Catalan in Catalonia.

The Accent and Dialect You'll Hear in Bilbao:

When the Basques speak in Spanish, you'll generally hear a very clear and easy-to-understand accent.

Lifestyle in Bilbao:

Bilbao has undergone a great transformation in recent years - from an industrial backwater into a genuine cultural magnet.

The nightlife in Bilbao is good, with a nice mix of musical styles in the city's pubs and clubs. Polemic Basque-language rock is popular (unfortunately).

Eating out in the Basque Country is surprisingly expensive.

Climate in Bilbao:

Bilbao's proximity to the north coast means that it has quite a wet climate. It is warm (but not excessively hot) in summer and cool (but not as cold as cities further inland) in winter.

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Language Schools Where You Can Learn Spanish in Bilbao:

Ole Bilbao

Instituto Hemingway Bilbao

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