Le Chop 2018

Le Chop 2015 proposes reduced prices on select table d'hôte menus at five Montreal restaurants.

Montreal restaurants take a beating right after the holiday season. With masses of maxed out credit cards and tight Christmas recovery budgets in the midst of the city's low tourist season, January and February don't exactly inspire big spending. Factor in Montreal's winter season and you've got a recipe for homestead cocooning.

Enter events like Le Chop. Ostensibly inspired by the Antonopoulos Group's Le Happening GourmandMontreal's restaurant week precursor, Le Chop kicked off its first edition in January 2013, proposing a price drop at a handful of restaurants located downtown and in Old Montreal, establishments all owned by Ville-Marie Collection, formerly called the Nacos Group.

Le Chop 2018: How It Works

The 2018 edition of Le Chop runs January 2 through February 28, 2018. Every edition proposes two-course table d'hôte menus at roughly $25 per person as offered at the following restaurants:

  • Atelier d'Argentine
  • Decca77
  • Newtown
  • Wienstein & Gavino's

Consult Le Chop website for details. For reservations, call restaurants directly.

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