Le Bremner: A Montreal Seafood Diner Signed Chuck Hughes

Le Bremner, Montreal celebrity chef Chuck Hughes' new "seafood diner" opened in early July 2011. Less than a week later, Le Bremner became the (arguably) hottest foodie property in town.
Le Bremner, Montreal celebrity chef Chuck Hughes' new "seafood diner" opened in early July 2011. Less than a week later, Le Bremner became the (arguably) hottest foodie property in town. In this photo from left to right: Le Bremner chef Danny Smiles and Chuck Hughes. Photo courtesy of Le Bremner

Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes calls Le Bremner "a kind of a seafood diner."

Montreal foodies call it one of the hottest restaurants of the moment. But that moment is showing no signs of letting up. Le Bremner has been around five years and counting already, and it's still on fire, an ostensible repeat of Hughes' success with Garde-Manger, his original culinary haunt whose popularity is often attributed to Hughes' high profile via Food Network's Chuck's Day Off.

But get this. Some say Le Bremner is even better than its older bro.

Ever since it opened itself to public scrutiny in early July 2011 with a zero-fanfare-no-press-release-nothing-nada launch after a few tests and trials with friends and VIPs, Le Bremner has been perpetually booked up weeks ahead, so do make reservations if you intend on dining in said diner.

And don't blink or you'll miss the front door. It's a basement level entrance, and Le Bremner deliberately didn't put up a sign, blending in with its surroundings. Staff makes you work for that table. But it's worth it, folks. Just keep an eye out for the number 361, its nearby neighbor La Champagnerie as well as Marché Bonsecours across the street and you'll know you're there.

Le Bremner: Menu Items

The menu is seasonal and thus changes all the time. So I won't even try to predict what's going to be on there when it's your turn for a taste of one of the best meals you'll be having in Montreal.

But here's a sampling of what's come before. I've heard of Texans flipping over Le Bremner's steak and fried chicken (you didn't think everything was seafood, did you), if you can score anything with raw scallop, DO IT, the oysters are top and if they've got West Coast varieties on offer, do what you have to do because nothing this side of the country is as buttery. Briney and savory, East Coast is, but creamy? Not so much. Or get both coasts. Why settle? 

Naturally, anything fish is a no-brainer. And the cocktails? Extraordinary.

Le Bremner: Price Range

Le Bremner is not cheap. Expect to spend around $75 per person or more, with wine, taxes and tip. Menu items range from $10 to $40 and wine ranges from $35 to $140 a bottle. Price ranges are subject change without notice.

Le Bremner: Dress Code?

Nah. You'll see everything from Yankees baseball caps to crisp, starched $800 shirts. Come as you are.

Le Bremner: Atmosphere/Decor

Cozy. Cool. Down to earth.

Le Bremner: To Make Reservations

Call (514) 544-0446 or book online.

Le Bremner: Address

361 St. Paul East, Old Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1H2

Getting There

Champ-de-Mars Metro

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