Things to Do on a Layover in Las Vegas

Back at Las Vegas Airport

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So, as you are flying across the United States you have a layover in Las Vegas and you begin to wonder what you could possibly do with 4 hours on the Las Vegas strip. Well, truthfully, the airport is 10 minutes from the Las Vegas strip so you have plenty of time to get out and experience a tiny slice of why so many people visit Las Vegas.

The question is simple, what do you want to do. While you could make your way through a giant list of things to do in Las Vegas or hit the highlights of each Las Vegas resort... you might want to keep your research to a minimum, after all, you don’t want to miss your flight, right?

The simple question is: 

Do You Want to Eat? Then try one of these best Vegas restaurants:

  1. Five 50 Pizza Bar at Aria
  2. LAGO at Bellagio
  3. Yardbird Southern Table and Bar at Venetian
  4. Spago at Caesars Palace

Do You Want Something to Do? Check out:

  1. The High Roller at The LINQ
  2. Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory
  3. Downtown Container Park
  4. Caesars Palace
  5. The Mirage

Do You Want to Drink? Head to one of these bars:

  1. BeerHaus at The Park Las Vegas
  2. Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood Resort
  3. Off The Strip at The LINQ
  4. Vice Versa at Vdara Spa and Resort
  5. Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas
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Grab a Great Slice of Pizza at Five50 Pizza Bar

Five50 Pizza Bar Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

It’s not just pizza but the pizza at Five50 Pizza is good enough to warrant a trip on its own. Head to Aria Las Vegas and order a few of the small plates along with a slice to take back to the airport. Try the pork belly crostini, the meatballs, and the jalapeno corn arancini. Come to think of it you might need some salume and a salad. Make sure to come hungry for Chef Shawn McClain’s idea of pizza when he combines a few different styles to create one of the best pies in Las Vegas.

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Squeeze in a Dinner at Lago at Bellagio

The View from Lago at Bellagio Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

If you happen to have a layover around dinner time you can get a quick meal at LAGO at Bellagio Las Vegas. Now, you must understand that you will be eating in a lounge or the bar as you most likely will not have a reservation but you should still have plenty of fun with Italian small plates and a pretty decent view.

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Chicken, Waffles and Lemonade

Fried chicken, waffles, watermelon
T.Tseng/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

You can always use some fried chicken and waffles from Yardbird Southern Table when racing around town on a layover in Las Vegas and you know you’ll want to add in a Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade to make the next leg of your travels much easier to handle. If you don’t want a big meal go with the crunchy Yardbird sandwich and realize that chicken sandwich is always better with a little bacon and hot sauce.

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Let's Do Lunch at Spago

Spago Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Find a spot in the cafe at Spago Las Vegas and order something small and a glass of wine. You will need the wine to help you ease off the drag that comes from making a layover during a flight. From this spot at Spago Las Vegas, the tourist all come walking by and you can ponder what would have been if you had decided on Las Vegas as your final destination. Fyi, you should order the meatloaf.

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Go Back in the Air at the High Roller at The LINQ

The LINQ Las Vegas and the HIGH Roller
Luke Quezada

Race from the airport to The LINQ and your layover will include a view of Las Vegas and possibly a quick meal. While you are there taking in the sights of Las Vegas drop into the Polaroid Fotobar and print a few of those pictures you have on your phone that you love showing people. Make some space on your memory card because once you get on the High Roller you'll start taking way too many pictures.

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Visit Bellagio On Your Las Vegas Layover

Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory
Zeke Quezada

Would you really spend your layover in Las Vegas at a garden? Well, you will if you are a big fan of plants and flowers because you have to see the Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory. Also, from this spot, you can see the fountains of Bellagio, the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts and walk outside and see the Eiffel Tower. Not bad for a few hours in Las Vegas.

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See the New Las Vegas

Downtown Container Park
Zeke Quezada

Not a Vegas person but you still need to kill a few hours on a layover? Head to the Downtown Container Park and see what progress looks like. The transformation of old Las Vegas is impressive and it might change your mind about making Las Vegas your primary destination.

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See a Las Vegas Icon

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas
Rob Osborne/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Caesars Palace is an iconic resort and casino that must be visited simply because it is the foundation for themed resorts as well as the one example of the neverending change in Las Vegas. As the strip continues to evolve so does Caesars Palace. Walk through the Forum Shops or walk outside from this center strip property and get a quick look at all of Las Vegas.

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Watch a Volcano Erupt

Mirage Volcano
David Stanley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

You have seen the erupting volcano at the Mirage Las Vegas in pictures and if your Las Vegas layover is in the evening you might be able to see it live. It is free but it only happens after dark and at the top of the hour. You can see a few white tigers and some dolphins at the Mirage and if you have enough time you can walk next door to Caesars Palace or across the street to the Venetian.

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Can You Do the Cabo Wabo?

cabo wabo up high

Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is the spot with the outdoor patio, Tequila, chips and salsa and plenty of reasons to miss your flight. The fun factor goes up if you like loud music and margaritas. The view of the strip is just right for a diversion while on your way to another destination. Don’t have more than 2 Waboritas or you just might end up in Las Vegas for an extended period of time.

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Sometime a Drink Is All You Need

Off The Strip at LINQ Las Vegas

If you head over to the LINQ there are plenty of places to keep you occupied while on your layover but at Off The Strip you can have a quick meal, a few cocktails and you might be able to mingle with a few new friends before you race back out of town. From this spot, you can check out Brooklyn Bowl, The High Roller and Sprinkles Cupcakes.

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Carve a Return to Las Vegas After Vice Versa

Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

If you just need a drink and you really don’t want to sit at the airport Vice Versa at Vdara is the spot for you. The bar opens up to the CityCenter complex and has a menu that will satisfy your cravings and cocktails that will make you hope that your connecting flight gets canceled.

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The Best Layover in Las Vegas Is at Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas

Cocktails at Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

If there is a better place to have a drink in Las Vegas it must be on some secret list that only the rich and extremely powerful are allowed to experience. Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas is the right combination of comfort and class. Sit long enough and you’ll forget that you are in Las Vegas and you will decide that another flight on another day is a much better proposition.

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