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The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 33.5 miles from Disneyland, so if your trip to LA is all about visiting the park, you'll need to consider all the options there are to get you from LAX to Disneyland. Some factors to consider are how much time you'll be spending at the resort, whether you're traveling alone or with a large group, and how much you're looking to spend on transportation.

How to Get From LAX to Disneyland
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Renting a Car and Driving

If you're only staying at Disneyland one night and then moving on, you might want to go ahead and rent a car, especially since it's helpful to have one in Los Angeles anyway. However, if you plan on spending multiple days at the park, you would just be paying daily rental and parking fees for a car you're not using.

If there were no traffic, the ride to Disneyland could take as little as 35-40 minutes. However, there's usually traffic, so plan to spend at least one hour on the road, or up to two hours during afternoon rush hour. If you have more than one person in the car you can use the carpool lane (HOV) to speed things up.

Taxis and Rideshare Apps

As of 2019, a typical taxi fare from LAX to Disneyland will cost you about $100 plus tip. However, if there's a lot of traffic, it can be significantly more expensive. You could also use a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft to pick you up at LAX in the specifically designated area. These are typically half the price of a traditional taxi.

If you want to arrive at Disneyland in style, you could also hire a limo or car service to meet you at the airport and escort you and your family to Disneyworld. This is one of the least stressful ways to travel and will start your trip off on a luxurious foot.

Shared Ride Shuttles

Shared vans like, or are a relatively economical way to travel between Disneyland and LAX or other area airports. Fares start as low as $10 per person in a 9 passenger van from LAX, and they will pick you up or drop you off right at your Disneyland hotel.

You may have to wait while the van cruises the airport for more passengers and stops at multiple hotels, but with a shared-ride van to or from Disneyland, chances are you won't have more than 4 total hotel stops (probably less), since most resort guests are not traveling alone.

Note that if you enter Disneyland, instead of a Disneyland area hotel into the shuttle search engine, it will calculate the rate differently. Make sure to compare rates on all the shuttle services before booking your reservation. To return to the airport from Disneyland, you will also have to make your reservation in advance. Because the shuttle will make multiple stops along the way to pick up and drop off other people, the total journey could take anywhere between one and two hours, depending on how heavy traffic is that day.

Another option is the Disneyland Resort Express, which is a bus operated by Coach USA. However, it tends to be more costly than the other shuttle companies and makes stops at multiple hotels even when there are no passengers to pick up.

Public Transportation

The Metro Green Line doesn't go all the way to LAX, but stops just outside the airport. A free shuttle, Bus G, will take you from the lower level arrival area at LAX terminals to the Aviation/LAX Station, where you can catch the Green Line to Norwalk Station. From there, you'll take Metro Bus 460, the Disneyland Express, which will drop you off at the park gate.

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