LAVO Nightclub at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino

Meatballs, drinks and dancing in Las Vegas

LAVO Las Vegas
LAVO Las Vegas 

The LAVO nightclub has transformed into more of a sports lounge and restaurant. There is still some music and the space stays open until 2 am but gone is the non-stop dancing and ultra lounge, late-night debauchery. They have been tinkering with the formula lately so it may very well revert back to a nightclub or a players lounge or even just an extension of the restaurant. After all, in Las Vegas, things change rapidly.

LAVO is what Las Vegas nightlife has evolved to become. It’s smaller than the large megaclubs on the Las Vegas strip but in a good way. LAVO gives you a sense that if you saw that one good looking person that you know you have to talk to, you could theoretically find them amongst the people standing at or near the reserved tables. A large central bar and a cozy dance floor surrounded on all walls by tables that require bottle service.

LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo Las Vegas
Location: The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino
3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Contact LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo: (702) 791.1818

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 PM to 4 AM

Reservations: Table Reservations call (702) 791.1818

Dress Code at LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo

Put on the clothing that you hope will attract the opposite sex. That means, you are going to have to leave that Kobe Bryant jersey at home and it won’t kill you to tie your shoes and act like people other than the boys down at the gym will see you.

What it's like at LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo

The music gets going and the room fills quickly, however, there are a few spaces around LAVO where you can sit down and work those precious lines that you have been honing all these years. While the room is surrounded by VIP bottle service tables you can easily sit at one until you are politely asked to leave. The dance area is small but perfect for mingling and dancing while enjoying a $14 drink.

If you begin to feel cramped at LAVO head downstairs to the Terrace seating because as the nightclub heats up the terrace area opens up a bit and you might get a decent place to lounge and have a conversation.

When considering if you should get bottle service at LAVO do the math. How many of you are walking in together? How much money will you spend? You might find that getting a bottle and a place to sit works better for you. Call LAVO and see if there is a decent deal on a bottle and I am sure someone will be able to put you on a list. (it seems like everyone has a list these days)

Suggestions for LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo

Start your night at the restaurant or the lounge because it would be a shame for you to go to LAVO and not get the entire experience. The terrace at LAVO overlooks the Las Vegas strip and if you are lucky enough to grab a comfy couch you can have cocktails and provocative conversations while lounging with one of the best views in all of Las Vegas. The LAVO lounge scene does creep out onto the patio from the bar area before opening so getting to the club early is exactly what you want to do at LAVO.

Once inside the ideal situation is to try and score a table with bottle service, for the simple fact that it is far more comfortable when you have a table. If you are the type of person who likes to roam, well the layout of the club does allow for a few orbits around the bar and an ability to mix it up with everyone around the LAVO dance floor.

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