How to Get Late Check-Out at a Hotel

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Wish you could spend a few more hours together enjoying your room by getting late check-out at your hotel? Check-in and check-out times are designed to keep a business on schedule, allowing time for chambermaids to clean rooms and revenue managers to maintain a well-regulated stream of bodies in and out of beds. Although timely check-out is convenient for the people who operate hotels, it may not be for the two of you. So discover what steps you can take to keep the good times rolling for a little longer.

Why You May Need Late Check-Out

When standard check-out time is 11 am (although it may be later or earlier in certain places), there are many good reasons why you might want to hold onto your room beyond that time. Among them:

  • You didn't check in till late at night and feel as if you deserve to get your money's worth
  • You're exhausted and could really use a few more hours' sleep
  • Your flight is scheduled to leave late in the day or evening
  • Your flight has been delayed or canceled
  • Ground transportation won't arrive for you until late
  • You won't be able to get back to your hotel until after check-out time
  • Someone is feeling ill and needs to lie down
  • You have a lunch or brunch reservation in the hotel restaurant
  • It's your honeymoon or a romantic trip and you'd like to enjoy the surroundings a bit longer
  • Who gets out of bed before 11 am?

Best Ways to Get Late Check-Out

There's no guarantee that any of the following tips and strategies will successfully extend your stay. And your hotel is certainly under no obligation to provide it. But if you don't ask, you will never know. 

  • Ask for late check-out when you make your reservation. It's unlikely it will be granted then, but it will be noted in the computer
  • Follow up by phoning the hotel to ask again
  • Join the brand's frequent guest program ahead of time and mention that you are a member
  • Get the name of the general manager and send a polite note saying how much you are looking forward to the visit; politely request a bit more time. Specify how many extra hours you want
  • Ask for it when you arrive; tell the front desk clerk that it has already been requested and should be in the system. If the hotel is not full, you may be granted a few hours' leeway at this point
  • Do you have a TripAdvisor luggage tag? Make sure it's noticeable
  • Is it your honeymoon? Let them know!
  • A discreet $20 bill passed to the front desk clerk could turn a no into a yes
  • Choose a place like London's Corinthia Hotel that offers flexible check-in and out hours (warning: it's pricy)
  • Early on the morning you are scheduled to leave, offer to pay for extra time. Some hotels that are not fully booked may be able to offer a half-day rate. Or you may even be permitted to stay for a few more hours at no charge.

If You Can't Get Late Check Out

When you have time to kill, these are some options:

  • Ask the hotel to hold your bags while you spend more time in the destination
  • Ask for permission to use the hotel spa, fitness center, or business area
  • Speak to a concierge; they're problem-solving experts 
  • Take an afternoon or late-day tour
  • Linger at a bar or café (just don't lose track of the time!)
  • If all else fails and you really need a room, pay for an extra night at your hotel, at one close to the airport, or in your next destination.
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