LATAM's New Routes Will Make It Easier Than Ever to Explore Brazil

Wine tasting in Caxias do Sul, anyone?

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Looking to try Brazilian wines in Caxias do Sul, or go spelunking in Montes Claros? Chilean-based LATAM Airlines has just made your dreams of exploring Brazil that much easier.

The airline is adding six new domestic flight routes in Brazil starting in March 2022. With these new offerings, the airline will have service to over 50 cities in Brazil, becoming one of the country's leading airlines and making Brazil LATAM's largest domestic market.

A majority of these new routes will depart from Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport, and one, to Sinop, will depart from Brasilia International Airport. Planes will be either an Airbus A319 or A320, which can seat 144 and 174 people, respectively.

The routes and their start dates are as follows:

  • Cascavel: Flights starting April 26
  • Caxias do Sul: Daily flights beginning April 19.
  • Juiz de Fora: Daily flights beginning April 5.
  • Montes Claros: Daily flights beginning March 29.
  • Presidente Prudente: Daily flights beginning April 12.
  • Sinop: Daily flights beginning May 3.

These new connections will make it easier than ever for international tourists to experience the lesser-known delights of Brazil. While they may not be household names like Rio de Janeiro, each destination offers exciting tourism opportunities.

Perhaps the most well-known of the new routes, Cascavel is a city in the state of Parana around 86 miles from Foz do Iguacu. While it's not a large tourism hub like Rio or São Paulo, the city does have one of the best craft beer scenes in the state, a large nightlife scene, and dozens of restaurants. More off the beaten path is Caxias do Sul, located in the mountainous Serra Gaucha region, which draws visitors for wine, museums, and architecture. Plan your visit around the biannual Festa da Uva, which celebrates the city's Italian heritage and winemaking industry.

Another new destination, Juiz de Fora, is in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. Offering several impressive museums, parks, and historic theaters, Juiz de Fora is a must-visit for travelers who love art and culture. Also in Minas Gerais, Montes Claros draws tourists for its many caves (like Lapa Grande), 164 archaeological sites, and large municipal parks. 

Just a hop from São Paulo (and in its eponymous state), another new destination, Presidente Prudente, is home to three universities, several social clubs, and some massive stadiums like Estadio Prudentao, which can seat more than 45,000 people.

Meanwhile, if exploring the Amazon is on your bucket list, book your ticket to Sinop, the fourth-largest city in the state of Mato Grosso. Situated near the Tele Peres River, it's a natural fishing and water sports hub.

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