Last Minute Fares to Las Vegas

You Need a Good Price?

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So it’s time to go Las Vegas, you’re going to need a flight.

Depending on which city your travel originates from some flights can be had for less than $100 dollars each way. Of course, these are last minute air deals. Each of these links locations will find you air fares for future trips as well. In a quick search, I found low last minute fares from; Eugene, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Portland, and Minneapolis. There are plenty more out there just pop in your departure city.

US Airways offers Las Vegas Packages that can get you some low priced airfares. can connect you with good bulk fares from most cities at the last minute.

Below you will find more links, good luck, both in finding your last minute low-cost air fare and in trying to come back with a little of the house's money.

Find a Cheap flight to Las Vegas

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