Las Vegas Live Webcams

Check traffic and weather around the city

It is no secret that Las Vegas has grown immensely over the last several decades, and with this growth came a surge of live webcams showing everything from local automobile traffic on the roads to the lovebirds getting married on the Strip. 

Whether you're visiting the city or just missing the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip, you can tune into these webcams any time of day or night. This way, you can get a live, first-hand view of what's happening on the strip and at some of the greatest outdoor attractions and parks, Sin City has to offer.

If you're staying in Vegas and want to know what the traffic's like in select areas of the city, RTC FAST Traffic Cams is the way to go, but if you're interested in the other outdoor events happening in Las Vegas, Weatherbug is the suggested cam to use. 

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RTC FAST Traffic Cams

USA, Nevada, Las Vegas at night
Westend61/Getty Images

No matter which part of the city you plan to drive through,  the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) Fast Traffic Cams offers a live view. 

Owned by the same folks who operate the busses about town, this extensive network of traffic cams lists every corner of the valley from CCTV 3600 in the far west to North Las Vegas' CCTV 2019.

While not the most user-friendly of experiences, the pure amount of information should make this your first stop when looking for traffic cams.

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EarthCam's Live Landmark Cams

Night view of boulevard
san francisco photographer / Getty Images

EarthCam is a website that's been around since 1996. It features live streaming webcams of popular destinations all around the world, and its goal is to "encourage exploration, foster discovery, and connect people through innovative live camera technology."

For Las Vegas, EarthCam live-streams shots of the inside of the Bellagio Casino, Plaza Park, and the interior of the Little Vegas Chapel on the Strip.

The most iconic stream is of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign. Located on the Las Vegas Strip just south of Russell Road, the sign has been the city's most famous landmark since it was built back in 1959.

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Weatherbug's Weather and Traffic Cams

Lightning over Las Vegas Veer Towers, Aria, MGM, Monte Carlo
4FR/Getty Images

The weather in the Valley can be erratic, so if you're hoping to spend the day outdoors in one of the Valley's parks or attractions, you'll want to check the weather first. While sun and heat are the norms, flash floods, and torrential rains can come out of nowhere.

WeatherBug has several live Las Vegas webcams to keep up to date on the weather anywhere in the Valley including at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, the Kathy L Batterman Elementary School in Spring Valley, and the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Summerlin South.

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SkylineWebcams' View of the Strip

Vegas wedding chapel in Las Vegas , Nevada
 Aneese/Getty Images 

Skyline streams video feeds of famous landmarks and cityscapes all around the world, but they only offer 14 in the United States, including one of the Las Vegas Strip from atop the Little Vegas Chapel. 

Other sites and views offered by SkylineWebcams include the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Times Square in New York City, and the Kuredu Island Resort in​ the Maldives.

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