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Fremont Street in Las Vegas

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If you miss the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, the internet is home to a number of live streams that can give you a taste of Vegas at any time of day. Many websites feature live camera feeds of Vegas' main thoroughfares and local parks, so you can use them to check traffic, weather, and crowd conditions. Tune into any of these streams day or night to get a first-hand view of what's going on in Las Vegas.

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Night view of boulevard
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EarthCam features live streaming webcams of popular destinations all around the world from Times Square to the Western Wall. They offer a variety of angles of Las Vegas, such as inside the Bellagio Casino, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and the Elvis Wedding Chapel.

At the bottom of the page, a gallery of screenshots from the same camera angle shows how the space has changed in recent months. If you go back far enough through the screenshots of the Bellagio, you may be able to spot the previous year's Christmas decorations.

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Lightning over Las Vegas Veer Towers, Aria, MGM, Monte Carlo

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The weather in Las Vegas can be erratic, so if you're hoping to spend the day outdoors, you may want to see the weather for yourself first. While sun and heat are the norms, flash floods and torrential rains can come out of nowhere. If it's already raining where you want to go, that may be a good excuse to stay home.

WeatherBug has several live webcams in the Las Vegas area, so you can check in on the weather in places like the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, the Kathy L. Batterman Elementary School in Spring Valley, and the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Summerlin South.

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World Cams

World Cams offers more angles of the Las Vegas strip with a livestream that switches between multiple cameras overlooking the strip. The camera also automatically zooms and pans, which makes this one of the more interesting streams to watch.

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Skyline Webcams

Vegas wedding chapel in Las Vegas , Nevada

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The website Skyline Webcams streams video feeds of famous landmarks and cityscapes all around the world, but it only offers one view of Las Vegas. This angle is of the Las Vegas Strip above the Little Vegas Chapel, which isn't very scenic but may be useful for checking traffic conditions if you plan on driving down the Strip.

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