Las Vegas VIP Host

You Need a Las Vegas Nightclub VIP Host?


Las Vegas nightclubs are all about special treatment and making sure you have the best time possible. VIP Hosts help make that happen. The next time you are thinking you want to go out and experience Las Vegas as it should be experienced call a Nightclub host and have them put you on the guest list.

Understand that if you search the internet you will find VIP Host companies that will charge you to help you get into the clubs. This list is of actual club employees who work as hosts. They will help you get in and you give them a tip in return.

Why would you pay a company to tip someone for you when you can make the call yourself?

They can make your evening very special with VIP reservations, bottle service or even as simple as getting you a little faster. Find out what they can do for you by contacting one of them.

Need to get on the list or get the VIP treatment? Send them an email or give them a call and ask for it.

A typical interaction with a VIP Host is documented below and Johnny Reyes, a Las Vegas VIP Host offers what he does for the Las Vegas visitor:

As a Vip Host, I specialize in arranging bottle service and guest list to all the nightclubs and day clubs for people or groups in Las Vegas. I collect information from the groups like:

1. Days or nights in town

2. Spending  limits

3. ratio

4. Age range

5. Music preference 

In order to suggest my recommendations to make their time in Vegas perfect, many of the Hosts in Vegas work together which is why we know what's constantly going on in the area and can assist everywhere. When I get a group that wants another club that I'm not at, I put them in contact with a trusted host there via email or text to get them personally taken care of. 

Johnny Reyes
VIP Services
Light Nightclub | Daylight Pool
C: 805-698-6931


Call or Email:

Hali Shawn Tendler

For all your Vegas needs :
Haze/Liquid Pool/Tao/Bank/Jet/Marquee/XS/Gold Lounge
TEXT at 702-461-9919

Steven Klimaski

Vip Services
Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan
Tao Nightclub at The Venetian
Lavo Nightclub at The Palazzo
Cell - 702.300.4116

Chris Cryer
Lead host-N9NE group Las Vegas
Ghost bar, Rain, Moon, and Playboy Club

Nader Cheetany
Lead Host

Robert Chiti
VIP Host


Deryk Anthony
Tao/Tao Beach/Lavo


Jeff Kovatch
Lead VIP Host

Pasquale Romano
VIP Manager
Rain,Ghostbar,Playboy Club, Moon Nightclub

Jordan Miner
Director of Promotions
TAO Nightclub, TAO Beach, LAVO Nightclub
Cell - 702.813.7479

Lourdes Jatico
Promotions Coordinator Prive Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Erik DeBord
Beach Club Assistant Manager
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Casey "skittles" Bogan
Harts Wasted Space inside the Hard Rock Hotel

Billy Velasquez
Host: Vegas Alliance
Palms, Hard Rock, Obsession

Jon Opas

VIP Host
Hard Rock Hotel
Body English, Rehab, Wasted Space
Direct: 702.300.1690