The Guide to Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Looking for Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas?

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The Las Vegas strip club is synonymous with the adult entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for, however, the days of seedy smoke-filled rooms are gone and there are a few classy places where both men and women can indulge in a little bad behavior. Every day in Las Vegas groups of guys jam into cabs and head off for some adult entertainment. Strip clubs in Las Vegas are usually the focal point for bachelor parties and the weekend getaways for the guys. When in Las Vegas live a little on the edge and you might find that the classy approach to strip clubs is worth taking a look at.

Tip: You get into a taxi and ask the cab driver what strip club is the best and he tells you all about the hottest strip club in town. WRONG!  Taxi drivers are paid a small finders fee for bringing guys to the strip club so that is not always the right way to do it. You should, however, call the strip club you are thinking of going to and see if they offer free transportation. That usually includes free admission as well. There will be a drink minimum but you'll save money on the ride over.

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The Girls of Glitter Gulch (CLOSED)

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Even though this strip club is closed it lived such a grand life it should still be recognized. You will no longer be able to stroll in while visiting Downtown Las Vegas.

Located right on Fremont Street in Downtown this strip club has recently been given a decent makeover. It's not a big flashy strip club like those you'll find around town but it is very convenient if you are staying nearby. It's small but it has some very comfortable booths and tables that lend a little Downtown Las Vegas magic to the place. I used to tell people that it was a must see place if you were walking along Fremont Street and you will see a lot of couples here who just wander in to take a look. This is the only Las Vegas strip club that you will find within feet from a major hotel.

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Olympic Garden Strip Club

The Olympic Gardens is the only quality strip club right on the Las Vegas strip. It is really the club that set the trend toward fancy, clean and decent adult entertainment in Las Vegas. It can still compete but expect smaller stages and a smaller dose of the VIP style. The rest is still high quality but the skyboxes and large areas for bottle service do not exist at the Olympic Garden. If you go upstairs the ladies get a treat as they have some male dancers. This is the strip club in Las Vegas that can cater to the couples wanting to share in some fun.

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Sapphire Gentleman's Club and Male Revue Show

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At 70,000 square feet, Sapphires Strip Club in Las Vegas is one of the largest if not the largest strip club in the world. The Sapphire skyboxes are great for bachelor parties or for the VIP experience in a Gentleman's Club. On any given night up to 400 entertainers take to the stage and the catwalks at Sapphire. Four bars, VIP luxury suites, and a multi-level main room make this one of the best Strip clubs in Las Vegas.

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Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge

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Deja Vu Fusion Ultra Lounge is both a strip club and an after-hours club. At 4 am the mood shifts to an after-hours club and the strippers put their tops on and become go-go dancers. The after hours party lasts until 11 am and then, yes the tops come off again. Deja Vu strip club is 10,000 square feet with three stages and a few ultra private VIP rooms.

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Palomino Strip Club Las Vegas

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The Palomino is the only fully nude strip club that also serves alcohol. Yeah, it's tough to find this combination anywhere but Las Vegas. If full nude is what you are looking for they have 30,000 square feet and have been at it since 1969. They offer VIP packages and private party packages. This is one of those Las Vegas strip clubs that your father might have gone into. Not sure if that helps or hurts.

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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Las Vegas

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It's not the biggest strip club in Las Vegas but it might very well be the most popular. One large stage for entertainment and two smaller stages for more intimate go-go style type dancing exhibitions. Weekends at the Spearmint Rhino do get crowded and you will be working hard to find a place to sit if you do not get there early. Spearmint Rhino is consistently earning accolades as the best strip club in Las Vegas.

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Cheetah's Strip Club Las Vegas

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Cheetah's is all shiny and lit up but it will make you think of the stereotypical strip club. It is not the ultra lounge scene that plenty of clubs in Las Vegas are going for instead it is more of the traditional strip club scene. You'll see plenty of poles, the usual overpriced drinks and entertainers walking around talking and trying to separate you from at least a couple of your $20 bills. The girls at this Strip Club in Las Vegas are attractive and in abundance but can be a little aggressive. Once again not sure if that is good or bad.

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Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas

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Treasures are the Las Vegas strip club that has decided to go big. Not just because it has two stories, a buffet, and some halfway decent beef. The decor is right where you ponder if they are really serious, it borders on so nice you expect everyone to keep their clothing on. However, if you like opulence this is the strip club to go to and it really does not cost all that much more than the other high-end strip clubs in Las Vegas.

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Rick's Cabaret - Strip Club in Las Vegas (Closed)

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You'll like the leather chairs, the space and the comfort of Rick's Cabaret. Unfortunately, so will plenty of other people, this strip club does pack in the people. A number of entertainers are mind-numbing as you will be impressed by the sheer volume of people working at this strip club. Two levels, skyboxes, a piano bar, VIP suites, you name it, they probably have it, this is the Las Vegas strip club with every last bell and whistle.

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Crazy Horse III Strip Club Las Vegas

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Crazy Horse III is really a series of rooms where you get everything from an after-hours clubs to a live music stage to the ultimate VIP experience. They are calling it the Playground these days and the entire facility is huge. 40,000 square feet gets you a strip club that serves decent food and offers up a house band that sounds pretty good as well as a hookah lounge. Oh yeah, there are a few topless entertainers as well.