Las Vegas Rock Crawlers Takes You On An Off Road Adventure

Off Road Jeep Tours in Las Vegas

In case you have never seen it, Jeeps can scale sheer rock cliffs. When I jumped into one of the Las Vegas Rock Crawlers’ Jeep for my off road experience I didn’t believe it but no sooner than I had started the engine and placed the Jeep in drive I was on a rock with rubber to sandstone and my heart in my throat.

The scenery in the Southern Nevada desert captivated my attention right up until I heard the engine rev and then it was all rock, sand, grit and sweat after that.

A few hours of stress relief by way of enhanced focus and some very technical driving. Throughout the entire experience with Las Vegas Rock Crawlers my guide not only made sure I knew what I was doing he made the experience safe, fun and educational.

Las Vegas Rock Crawlers made me feel like an off road adventure veteran while allowing me to learn the little things that prevent the big things from happening while in an off road vehicle.

Location: Tours throughout the Las Vegas Valley and the Southern Nevada Desert
Phone: 702-376-6214
See the Las Vegas Rock Crawlers website

Hours for Las Vegas Rock Crawlers : Tours are scheduled daily. See the Las Vegas Rock Crawlers website for details on schedules and reservations

Description of Las Vegas Rock Crawlers:
Las Vegas Rock Crawlers is an off road adventure run by people who understand customer service as a very personal experience.

You’ll be guided through the trails and instructed on every aspect of the vehicle you will be driving. Driving adventures include rock crawling as well as gliding though sand dunes where you are behind the wheel or in the passenger seat.

What to Expect at Las Vegas Rock Crawlers ?
After a complete briefing on a trail you will be walked through an ascent or a descent.

(Literally walked though) Your guide will help you find the best lines as well as give you all the tools to necessary navigate the obstacles as well as guide you up, over and around the off road maze of boulders, gulleys and walls.

Trail and Tour Options:
Las Vegas Rock Crawlers will take you on tours in the Valley of Fire, on the Apex/Nellis Dunes and the Amaragosa Dunes as well as El Dorado Canyon and other trails. See their website for information on trails and availability.

Is Las Vegas Rock Crawlers Safe?
Your guide will explain, describe and show you how to do everything to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable off road ride. You will actually follow him or her through the obstacle and then as you drive they will be right there to help you through the experience.

How Much Does Las Vegas Rock Crawlers cost?
The prices vary per experience so it’s best to check their website for updated pricing. I’ll tell you that it is comparable to other activities found from the Las Vegas strip. Their prices include transportation from the strip and typically are longer than most excursions. You will get a lot for the money you pay and you will have a great time.


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