How to Set up Las Vegas Electricity Service With NV Energy

Las Vegas Strip at Night From Above
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The lights of the Las Vegas Strip are an iconic vision of Sin City, and while the lights at your house in Vegas might not be quite so spectacular or memorable, they are one of the most important utilities you need to set up if you're moving to Vegas or just moving from one house to another.

Setting up electricity service in the Las Vegas Valley is a process, whether you are new to the area, setting up an account in your own name for the first time, or moving to a new residence. This guide will help simplify the process by providing you with one place to find all the info you'll need to start or adjust service. In the Las Vegas area, service is provided by NV Energy.

Start or Transfer Service

The easiest way to get a new service is to head to NV Energy's webpage where you can start, stop, or transfer service. You can also call NV Energy to accomplish any of these changes. NV Energy usually requires a deposit that is 150 percent of the highest monthly bill from the previous year at that address. This deposit can be waived with a letter of good credit standing from another power company. Your previous power company can provide that letter, or you can simply have that company call NV Energy.

After one year of good credit, this deposit is usually refunded to you, but you'll need to ask for that to be done.

About NV Energy

NV Energy serves much of the state of Nevada, and it gets the credit for all those colorful lights on the Strip that are a big part of the image and personality of Las Vegas. More than a million customers statewide and about 40 million visitors to the state annually depend on NV Energy for power. It covers much of the populated area from Reno to Las Vegas.

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas does not get most of its electricity from the Hoover Dam. Most of that is sold to residents and businesses in Arizona and California. Instead, NV Energy generates electricity at its own power plants in southern Nevada and augments its resources with renewable energy from 42 renewable plants and other power supplies. 

To improve its energy independence benefits, NV Energy says it has more than doubled its company-owned generation in the past few years. These newer, more efficient plants use less fuel and water and produce lower emissions. The company boasts that it provides exceptional service to its customers, and one of the ways it does that is by providing them with energy-saving tips. NV Energy also is a backer of the use of solar power in Nevada, where locals enjoy an abundance of sunny days every year. The company says it has financially supported thousands of rooftop solar installations across the state at homes, businesses, and government locations.

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