The Most Expensive Spa Treatments in Las Vegas

When Money Is Not a Factor Relaxation Does Not Come Cheap

The spa day in Las Vegas is a thing of beauty. You take your time heading to the spa and then you block out all of the distractions that typically cloud your mind. The eucalyptus steam room clears your passages and the sauna soothes your muscles. You drink more cucumber water than you thought you could put into your body and you read a magazine while lounging in a robe that strategically hides your private parts.  The freedom that comes from a lack of a schedule is liberating.  A true Las Vegas spa experience leaves you with supple skin, stress free and a pampered disposition.

While spa treatments can be expensive those listed here are among the most expensive and the most relaxing. Add in a facial or a scrub and the costs can escalate to four figures.

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Canyon Ranch Spa at Venetian Las Vegas

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Relaxation is defined differently at Canyon Ranch Spa and you’ll understand that when you walk into this massive facility at Venetian and Palazzo resorts and are greeted by a rock climbing wall and large fitness centers. The activity is endless on the floor with bikes, weight machines and the latest in exercise equipment all being vigorously put through the paces. Take a look at their schedule of classes and that alone will have you checking your fit bit for activity levels. Yoga, spinning, cross training, they are all available at Canyon Ranch Spa, however, we want the type of relaxation that comes from pampering.

Choose the Cocoon and your body will be wrapped in a comforting and soothing warm envelopment bed. But first, your body will be exfoliated, hydrated and massaged right to the point of losing consciousness due to extreme relaxation. 100 minutes of pampering for $345 will make you feel like you stole the key to a stress-free life.

You can also choose the Abhyanga but be warned that this form of relaxation will ruin you for all future spa treatments. Two therapists will synchronize their movements and utilize warm sesame oil to simultaneously address your feet and face. This attention to your points of energy brings a new meaning to the balancing of mind and body.

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Qua Baths & Spa Las Vegas

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Qua Bath and Spas at Caesars Palace offer the ability to drench yourself in refreshing baths but the real relaxation comes in the treatment rooms where getting rubbed, scrubbed and smoothed out is what they do best.

The hourglass treatment is really all about turning it over a few times in order to get a complete 180-minute pleasure experience.  You get to customize your visit so you’ll include a facial that exfoliates your skin and leaves you feeling and looking younger. You can have hot stones placed on your body to center your soul or you can work on your chakra and completely rejuvenate your senses.  At $650, this treatment may seem expensive but if you make this a full spa day you are getting a great deal. The facility is large enough that 6 hours of pampering will be filled with plenty of different ways to relieve your stress from the Roman Baths and Laconium rooms to an Arctic Ice Room. Oh yeah, if you want to work out they can make you sweat but why do any of the heavy lifting? You want to relax, right?

If you want to go over the top ask the staff about the Emperor’s Treatment where coffee grounds are rubbed all over your body. This is a coffee lovers dream.

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The Spa at Wynn Las Vegas

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Experiencing a great massage can be uplifting but imagine two people, four hands, taking care of all the stress on your body. At Wynn Las Vegas the four hands massage is a synchronized performance of diligent stress relief. This is opulence and extravagance taken to the next level. Dash away the stress with two therapists who retrieve your inner peace. Take a moment and capture the image in your mind’s eye. Your temples and your scalp being persuaded to release the never-ending burdens of day to day life while your feet surrender to the moisturizing and tingling pleasure of fingers that vanquish the weight of the hours you spend on them. Eighty minutes of two people pampering you will set you back $600 but you have to ask yourself, aren’t you worth more than one massage therapist?

If two people are too much, consider the Thai Oil Fusion Massage that works the muscles of the more active guest. ​Also, the Encore Escape massage will introduce you to the lomi lomi technique that transcends relaxation and moves you emotionally.

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The Bathhouse at Delano Las Vegas

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This spa treatment is a mashup of shiatsu and deep tissue techniques worked into a traditional Thai treatment. The experience includes a series of long slow movements that ease the stress away from your core and help it escape via your extremities. The therapist uses long wood dowels to roll out the kinks and invite in the relaxation. These polished wood tools may seem elementary, but coupled with a warm oil rubdown, your legs will get wobbly and your muscles will be soothed.

This Thai Fusion Massage at the Bathhouse is still a favorite among visitors and while it is among the cheapest on this list at $310 it is still expensive but worth every penny. For your money, this spa treatment might be the best on the Las Vegas strip.

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Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

You'll have difficulty trying to decide between the beginning or the end of this treatment as your favorite. It starts with a warm foot bath that becomes a transition into a tag team journey into relaxation in the form of head stimulation and a foot massage. When each of your toes is pampered it delivers a sensation that triggers spots on the tips of your hair follicles to release the angst of weeks gone by. Somewhere in between a scrub removes toxins from the surface of your skin and you sense you're breathing better and feeling lighter. Two therapists glide their hands over you in unison and the only thing that races through your head is just how much longer can you delight in this pleasure without passing out. At $620 it is a hefty price for the attention to detail on your head and feet but it is impossible to refute the results. That smile on your face will last for a long time after this spa treatment. The Oriental Harmony is like that special occasion massage - you will not be the same after you’re done.

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