Las Vegas Fun Facts

The Las Vegas Information That Seems Useless But Is Fun

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These are totally useless but fun. A lot like Las Vegas is as a destination. It is a little useless, but a lot of fun.

Stupid Facts

  • 80,000 flowers are used in the current display at Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory
  • Las Vegas is not actually in Las Vegas, It's actually in Paradise Nevada
  • The first Jerry Lewis/Muscular Dystrophy Telethon ever was held there on Sept. 6, 1971.
  • The Oldest Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is the Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. Opened in 1906
  • Year first casino was licensed 1931
  • Current number of licensed gambling places in Las Vegas 1701
  • Approximate number of Las Vegas city residents 603,000
  • Approximate number of Clark County residents 2,200,000
  • Number of slot machines in the city 197,144
  • Annual visitors to Las Vegas, in millions 36.7
  • Percentage of visitors from Southern California 25
  • Percentage of visitors who say they come to Vegas mainly to gamble 5
  • Percent of visitors who end up gambling during their stay 87
  • Hours per day average visitor spends gambling 3.9
  • Annual state gaming revenue, in billions of dollars 9
  • Percent of Nevada's general fund fed by gaming-tax revenue 43
  • Average gambling budget per trip, in dollars 559
  • Number of people moving to Las Vegas annually 60,000
  • Average monthly apartment rent, in dollars 631.22
  • Average price for an acre of land in the Valley, in thousands of dollars 161
  • Price for a prime acre of land on the Strip, in millions of dollars 11
  • Number of hotel rooms 124,270
  • Average number of pillowcases washed daily at MGM Grand 15,000
  • Average nightly room rate, in dollars 66
  • Average length of stay, in nights 3.7
  • Number of conventions hosted annually 3749
  • Average number of Vegas weddings per day 315
  • Number of local golf courses 37
  • Amount in miles of lighted neon tubing on the Strip and Downtown 15,000
  • Percentage of county's population over 24 years old with college degree 13.8
  • Percentage of residents who claim to be religious 82.2
  • Percentage of population registered to vote 42.2
  • Percent of Nevada land owned by the federal government 87
  • Paved roads in Nevada, in miles 5429
  • Dirt or gravel roads in Nevada, in miles 33,010
  • Nevada's population growth since 1990, in percentage 83.3
  • Nevada's prison-population growth since 1990, in percentage 100.4
  • State's nationwide rank in gold production 1
  • Cost of Nevada marriage license, in dollars 35
  • Average cost of filing for divorce in Nevada, in dollars 450
  • The Rivira Hotel stood for 60 years before it was imploded in 2016

Fun Facts That You Should Know About Las Vegas

  • There is a two-way mirror in the bathroom of the guestrooms at Cromwell Hotel
  • Level 1.5 at Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan has a drink called a Verbena. It is not on the menu but it is the most popular drink at the hotel.
  • Drinks are still free in Las Vegas as long as you are gambling
  • Not all swimming pools are for guests only, if they allow gambling, they are open to the public
  • There is a secret restaurant at Cosmopolitan resort with 8 seats as well as a pizza place that has no name and cannot be found on its website.