This US State Is Opening the World's Largest Corn Maze Next Week

'Tis the season

Corn maze being worked on at Cool Patch Pumpkins

Courtesy of Cool Patch Pumpkins

If you've been looking for the perfect fall trip, look no further than Cool Patch Pumpkins in northern California. The farm is home to classic autumn staples, like a pumpkin patch, hay ride, and a corn maze—only this corn maze is the largest one in the world.

Each year, the farm puts together a corn maze with a different theme, and it's only gotten bigger as the years have passed. It earned the Guinness World Record of the "Largest Corn Maze in the World" in both 2007 and 2014, and this year, it's back again to take the title.

The 42-acre corn maze this year honors the modern farmer and acknowledges their hard work and dedication. "In the 1800s, 90 percent of the U.S. population lived on farms; today, it is around one percent. So no matter who you are or where you're from, chances are you have farming in your heritage," the Cool Patch Pumpkins website says.

Another corn maze also claims it holds the "world's largest" title, and this one is "James Bond" themed in honor of 60 years of 007. Richardson Adventure Farm in the suburbs of Chicago has weaved in the many faces of James Bond in its corn maze, including the likes of Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Overhead photo of the Richardson Adventure Farm's James Bond 2022 corn maze

Courtesy of Richardson Adventure Farm

While this maze is smaller in terms of acres—the Richardson Adventure Farm's maze is only 28 acres—it does stretch out to more than 10 miles.

The Cool Patch Pumpkins corn maze opens on Sept. 24, 2022, and is $20 per person. An adult must accompany all minors; children five and under can enter for free. Meanwhile, the Richardson Adventure Farm maze is open to the public and costs $18 for admission on Thursday or Friday and Saturday and Sunday, until Oct. 1 when weekend prices jump to $24.