Larcomar in Miraflores, Lima

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    A Guide to Larcomar Shopping Center in Lima

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    For some, Larcomar is a shopper’s Shangri-La tucked away in the seafront cliffs of Miraflores. For others, it’s an unappealing, over-commercialized shopping mall that happens to have a good cinema.

    And while it doesn’t get a mention in my list of the top 10 things to do in Lima, Time saw fit to rank Larcomar at number seven.

    Either way, there’s no denying Larcomar’s popularity among both Peruvian locals and foreign tourists. There are plenty of things to keep kids and adults entertained throughout the day and into the night, whether it be shopping for Peruvian high fashion, eating ice-cream or catching the latest 3D movie. It’s also a place to see and be seen, with fancy restaurants and romantic seafront views giving Larcomar a sophisticated side not often associated with shopping malls.

    Since opening to the public in 1998, the cliff top location (below Parque Salazar) has attracted many major brands. There are now more than 80 shops within the complex, selling everything from chocolates to clothes to traditional Peruvian artesanía. You’ll also find restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and even a theater.

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    Shops, Restaurants and Entertainment in the Larcomar Shopping Center

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    Shop ‘til you drop, catch a movie, eat ceviche then dance all night… In theory, you could spend a whole day in Miraflores without ever leaving the commercial confines of the Larcomar shopping complex. That would be a slightly weird thing to do, obviously, but stranger things have happened.

    Anyway, here are the shops, restaurants, and services currently located within Larcomar, as well as the various forms of entertainment on offer.


    There are about 80 shops in Larcomar, so hardcore shoppers will certainly find plenty to keep them browsing (I won’t list all of the shops here, but you can find them all on the Larcomar website under “Tienda”).

    If you’re shopping for clothes, there are stores from Peruvian brands such as Joaquim Miro, as well as specialist alpaca, vicuña, guanaco and llama stores such as Kuna and Sol Alpaca. Major international brands are also well represented, including Guess, Banana Republic, Gap, Converse and Timberland.

    Jewelry shops specializing in Peruvian gold and silver include Ilaria and Vasco; there are also Swatch, Carati and Crislu stores. For chocolate, head to Chocolatte y Más; for cigars and coffee, try La Casa del Habano. RadioShack and iPlace are the best options for electronic items, while Phantom Music Store is a decent option for movies and CDs (which, unlike most DVDs and CDs in Peru, are not pirated).   

    Fast Food and Restaurants

    There are a few fast food restaurants in Larcomar, including Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut. Peruvian chains include Bembos, La Preferida, China Wok and La Lucha (like the other La Lucha on Parque Kennedy, this place is good for Peruvian-style sandwiches).

    Restaurants in Larcomar range from TGI Friday’s to upscale Peruvian restaurants like Vivaldino. There’s also Tanta (one of Gaston Acurio’s chains), Chili's, Pardo’s Chicken, Tony Roma's, and the Makoto sushi bar, among others.

    Cafes include the Arabica espresso bar, Havanna and Starbucks.


    Larcomar has one of the best cinemas in Lima, the UVK Larcomar. It’s a state of the art cinema with numerous screens (including 3D) showing all the latest movie releases. Screenings are either subtitled or dubbed into Spanish (check before buying your tickets), with prices ranging from S/.11 to S/.27.

    Coney Park is great for kids, with plenty of arcade machines and other games. Then there's Bowling Larcomar, which also has pool tables. For a more sophisticated night of entertainment, see what’s on at Larcomar’s Teatro La Plaza.

    For drinking and dancing, head to Aura or Gotica. Both clubs are popular among the moneyed youth of Miraflores, so don’t be surprised if you encounter expensive drinks and a few snobby locals.

    Other Services

    Handy services located within the Larcomar complex include a PeruRail office (for trains to Machu Picchu), an Iperú tourist information office and a MoneyGram. There’s also a Wong supermarket.