Lands End Beach

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    Lands End Nude Beach

    Lands End Beach, San Francisco
    ••• Land's End Beach. Kevin Krejci at Flickr under Attribution 2.0 Generic License

    If you find the idea of being on the edge of the continent appealing, Lands End Beach is a good place to be - and it has spectacular views. It's favored by some people because of that, but not without its issues. Among them the long walk to get there, a lack of sandy places to lie down on. Some people call it "Swim Suits End."

    For a more comfortable (but less private) beach experience, try nearby Baker Beach instead.


    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco. Get a map and directions on the last page of this guide.


    Magnificent view
    Rock-covered with a few sandy nooks
    Can be cold and windy

    Who's at Lands End Beach

    Up to 30 visitors a day but often as few as a half dozen

    Lands End Beach Facilities


    Lands End Beach Activities


    More Nude Beaches Within 25 Miles of Lands End Beach

    Nudity Laws and Lands End Beach

    Lands End Beach is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which makes it Federal land, but the legal situation is complex. Read more about it here.

    Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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    Lands End Beach Reviews and Rating

    Rocks at Lands End Beach
    ••• Rocks at Lands End Beach. Nathan Forget/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    The Bay Guardian newspaper gives Lands End Beach a grade of "A," but our readers aren't quite so enthusiastic.

    Rating Lands End Beach for Clothing Optional Recreation

    When we asked which San Francisco County nude beach they like best, 4,500 of our readers had their say. 61% of them like Marshall's, 16% say Lands End and 15% like Baker Beach.

    When more than 600 of our readers rated Lands End Beach as a nude beach, 39% said it's excellent and 9% said it's good with a few flaws.

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    Getting to Lands End Beach

    San Francisco Nude Beach Map
    ••• San Francisco Nude Beach Map. Adapted from Google Maps

    This map shows all the beaches in San Francisco. The ones with pushpin-shaped markers are nude beaches. If you want an interactive version of the map, would like to convert to a close-up satellite map that shows the beaches and trails or need driving directions, use our San Francisco Beach map at Google.

    Driving Directions

    Drive west on Geary Blvd. toward the Cliff House. Turn right at the fork onto Pt. Lobos Ave.


    You'll find parking in either of these locations: Turn right onto El Camino del Mar, drive to the end and park there, or keep going just past El Camino del Mar and turn into the big parking lot. Park at the far end near where the Lands End Trail begins.

    Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

    • The cliff side paths here can be dangerous and the soil can crumble under your feet if you're too close to the edge.
    • Vegetation crowds the path in many places. Watch for poison oak.
    • From the parking lot on Pt. Lobos Ave., take the trail at the far end of the parking lot.
    • From the...MORE parking lot on El Camino del Mar, go down the steps to the left of the signs and turn right at the bottom.
    • Walk for 10-15 minutes along the path.
    • You will pass 3 benches before you reach the trail. Resist temptation to follow any of the many dirt paths down the hillside. The cliffs are unstable and results could be tragic.
    • Go left at any forks in the trail.
    • Just past the third bench, which is shortly after you pass the telephone call box, as the trail starts to turn right, go left toward a group of dead trees to a stairway with an international sign showing that dogs must be leashed (picture of man and dog)
    • Follow the stairs down. Where a dirt path goes straight, go left on a second stairway, which leads to a 100-foot walk to the cove