Lance Wiedower


Lance Wiedower has called the Memphis area home for more than 20 years (excluding a one-year stint in Dallas after college). He attended high school in the area, studied at the University of Memphis and works at a newspaper in Downtown Memphis. Lance and his family enjoy experiencing everything the city has to offer, from its great restaurants to its cool neighborhoods, arts scene and Grizzlies games.

A seasoned newspaper journalist, Lance has written about everything from sports to government and real estate for newspapers in the Memphis area as well as Dallas, Texas.


 Lance is the editor and writer of Trips By Lance, a travel website that focuses on cultural experiences for families and couples. Lance, his art-loving wife and sports-obsessed son travel often, exploring local cultures, food scenes and experiencing what makes a destination unique. But Memphis is home, and Lance is constantly enjoying what makes the city so special.

Lance has been a newspaper journalist for 15 years, including the past seven years as managing editor of The Daily News, a business newspaper in Downtown. In addition, Lance is an Insider for the travel website Jetset Extra.


Lance has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History from the University of Memphis.

Lance Wiedower

 People often ask me what it is I like about Memphis. It's hard to explain, but there's just something special about the city. I like to call it a dirty soul. Memphis certainly has a soul; much of the world's great soul music was created in Memphis in the 1960s and '70s. But it's more than the great music made here. It's the people. It's the rough edges on beautiful places and people. It's the people here who strive daily to make the Bluff City a wonderful place to visit or call home.

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