LakeLubbers Lake Front Vacation Rentals

LakeLubbers is an information site devoted to supporting vacation and recreation on lakes around the world. Founded in 2001, the site covers lodging and attractions at over 2,000 lakes in the US and in 80 other countries. Dedicated to lake lovers everywhere, the site offers lake vacation rental listings as well as articles and information on visiting lakes and learning about the ecosystem and wildlife of lakes around the world.

LakeLubbers aims to encourage visitors to learn about and enjoy the world’s lakes, and providing vacation rental listings is one part of the site’s mission. Along with connecting vacationers with lakeside homeowners and real estate companies, the site also offers general information on lake vacations and lakeside living via its blog and free newsletter.

LakeLubbers connects lake visitors with homeowners and rental companies offering vacation accommodations through its vacation rental listings, which provide information on vacation rentals and homes for sale in any of the areas covered by the website. Both realty companies and individuals can list their lakeside vacation rentals on the LakeLubbers site.<br/>
Users can search for vacation rentals by lake name, region or even lake size. Maps of each area are included, along with information bout areas surrounding the lake and accessibility via air or highway travel.

The main vacation rental listings page includes a thumbnail photograph and a brief description of each property with rates for daily, weekly and monthly rental. Listing details include key facts such as a property’s size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and amenities such as microwave, WiFi, and washer and dryer, with links for more detailed descriptions and contact information for the rental company or homeowner listing the property.<br/>
Each listing includes a permissions section that specifies whether children, pets, smoking or other conditions are allowed. Information on disability access is also included, as well as distance to local features such as airports and attractions.

Although LakeLubbers provides listing information, booking ad fees are handled by the company or individual providing the listing and visitors must contact them directly via an email contact form or by phone to make the rental arrangements.

Rental listings offered by LakeLubbers are aimed at short-term vacationers, not for long term stays, although the site does offer an option for listing lakeside homes for sale as well. Listers can specify which months the property is available for rent and set a minimum and maximum stay if they choose. Each listing is accompanied by a calendar detailing dates of availability and rates.

With over a million visitors annually, LakeLubbers aims to offer a complete resource on lakes and lakeside vacations by offering listings for lakeside rentals around the globe, along with essential information on ways to enjoy and appreciate the unique ecosystems of lakes throughout the world.

LakeLubbers invites interaction from visitors too. Users can suggest new lakes to add to the site’s database or vote for a favorite lake, and get the site’s newsletter, which offers updates on lakeside vacationing, lake facts and new listings for vacation rentals and sales.

Lake lovers, now you know that to plan the perfect vacation and find the lake front vacation rental home of your dreams, you can look around the entire United States and/or 80 other countries around the world. 

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