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Lake Tahoe, California
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Lake Tahoe weddings are very popular and this place is often named as one of the best places for weddings and honeymoons. It's no wonder, with such a pretty location, lots of places indoors or out to hold a wedding ceremony and hotels for the guests to stay in.

When planning Lake Tahoe weddings, think of it in four quadrants: North or South? California or Nevada? North Lake Tahoe is quieter, but the biggest hotels are on the south shore.

Lake Tahoe Weddings: Legal Requirements

Marriage license requirements vary by state. In California, many chapels will issue marriage licenses on premises, but in Nevada, you have to go to the court house. Many wedding chapels issue licenses on the premises, but don't count on it; instead, ask to be 100% sure. In either state, be sure you know the requirements and bring the proper paperwork:

There are dozens of chapels that host Lake Tahoe weddings and plenty of planners to help you make your day special.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Chapels - California

  • Chapel at Lake Tahoe: Holds Lake Tahoe weddings in a small chapel just outside of Tahoe City.
  • Chapel of the Bells: They have several locations, including a garden for summer Lake Tahoe weddings.
  • Fantasy Inn: Old English style chapel, theme rooms.
  • Lake View: The only chapel for Lake Tahoe weddings with a panoramic lake view.
  • Lakefront: Outdoor rose garden and indoor options.
  • Tahoe Mountain Wedding: Offers a full range of services and several locations options.
  • Timber Cove: Get married on the lawn, on the beach or in their chapel.

    Lake Tahoe Wedding Chapels - Nevada

    • Chapel of the Pines: Outdoor locations in the forest.
    • The Dream Maker: Outdoor locations and a waterfall chapel.
    • Harveys: At Harvey's Casino.
    • Montbleu Resort : 12th-floor chapel with great views and easy wedding packages. They can host your reception, too.

    Other Venues for Lake Tahoe Weddings

    Resources for Planning Lake Tahoe Weddings

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