What Is a Laconium?


Litev/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

A laconium is a relaxing dry heat treatment room or sauna which lets the body heat up slowly and gently. The room is cooler than a traditional Finnish sauna -- 140ºF versus 175ºF -- and provides a more relaxing, less intense experience. A laconium is a good alternative for any spa-goer who finds a traditional sauna too hot.

What to Expect at a Laconium

The laconium is also low humidity, 15-20%, which makes it feel cooler than a steam room set at the same temperature. The purpose of the laconium is to purify and detoxify the body by gently heating it up, stimulating circulation. The laconium is often a luxurious tiled room with heated ceramic couches and a tiled center footrest. The heat radiates evenly from the walls, floors, seats, and benches.  It sometimes usually incorporates light, sound, and aroma to stimulate the five senses.

How to Use a Laconium

To use the laconium, relax on the couches for 15-20 minutes. As the body heats, it will perspire. The laconium is usually equipped with a hose so you can rinse with cool water to refresh and stimulate circulation. 

Afterward, shower with tepid or cool water and rest for 20 minutes before returning to the laconium or going on to another heat experience. Drink several glasses of water.

Contraindications for using a laconium include skin disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, pregnancy, high or low blood pressure, fever, and epilepsy.

However, the temperature is considerably higher than in a tepidarium, being held at around 60° F. In a laconium, you slowly but surely begin to sweat most intensively.

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