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Cheerful, Comfortable, and Affordable

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Situated on a quiet side street in the unassuming but very pleasant Pernety/Gaite district near Montparnasse in south Paris, the Maison Montparnasse is a 2-star hotel whose comfortable and clean amenities, ambiance, and cheerful decor probably warrant it being awarded an extra star. If you're looking for an affordable place to stay and don't mind being in a rather un-touristy area of Paris, this humble but well-appointed and pleasant hotel is, in this writer's opinion, solid value for money.

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  • Clean, pleasant, nicely appointed 2-star hotel that probably deserves an extra star
  • Very comfortable beds
  • Charming outdoor lounge area where breakfast is served
  • In close reach (3 minute-walk) of Metro line. 


  • Could have better sound insulation
  • Not especially close to central Paris or its major attractions 

Location and Contact Information

Address: 53 rue de Gergovie, 14th arrondissement
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 42 11 39
Metro: Pernety (line 13)

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Rooms: Single, double, or triple rooms to accommodate up to 6 people; mini-suites for family comprising two adjoining rooms; business meeting rooms. 

In-room services (standard rooms): Room service, entertainment center with flat-screen LCD TV (basic cable), small desk, free wi-fi internet access (check with front desk for code). Bathrooms feature waterfall heads and free toiletries, hairdryer.
Other services:

  • 24 hour reception 
  • Secure luggage storage area
  • Buffet continental breakfast including fresh juice, coffee and gourmet teas, pastries, ham and cheese, homemade marmelade and more, (for extra fee, unless included in package)
  • Lounge area with TV, books and magazines, fax and printer

Payment Options: 

Cash and all major credit cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Nearby Sights and Attractions:

This hotel isn't situated in one of the most touristy areas of Paris-- but I think part of its charm lies in that fact. The area around Metro Pernety is wonderful for getting a taste of the city in a more relaxed and off-the-beaten-track way.

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I especially recommend strolling down Rue Raymond-Losserand and perusing some of the shops and restaurants there: many high-quality bakeries, fruit and vegetable vendors, cheese and meat shops can be found here. Ambling around without aim will likely find you strolling through quiet pedestrian allées and impasses, community gardens and streets so calm you see neighborhood kids playing in them. 

The hotel is nevertheless in close reach of noteworthy attractions including the following:

My Full Review: Ambiance and First Impressions

Walking into the hotel, the bright and welcoming reception area put me in a good mood from the outset. Featuring stripes of magenta, orange, purple and yellow, the ambiance reminded me of a kind of modern take on Moroccan design. 

Heading up the brightly colored spiral staircase to the second floor, I entered our equally cheerful, albeit small, room. In Paris, small rooms are the norm unless you can afford to stay in a 4-star or 5-star "palace" hotel or in a suite-- so I wasn't surprised to note that the room was far from enormous. Somehow, though, the, bright, clean, and modern but soothing modern decor made the room feel perfectly sized. There's even a small desk for those who need to work. 

The Amenities: 

The free wifi, LCD TV with cable, and phones all worked beautifully, and there were a good selection of channels in English. The room was tastefully furnished, and while there didn't seem to be any AC, the room stayed cool even on what was a hot day in Paris. 

The bed was remarkably comfortable and fitted with what seemed to be very nice linens: another welcome surprise considering the hotel only has two stars. We slept very well.

The bathroom was basic and small but very clean, and the toilet was separated from the bathroom. The shower was spacious and featured a rather luxurious "waterfall" head, excellent pressure, and perfectly hot water. I really enjoyed the free toiletries: bath and shower gel/shampoo with a wonderfully heady, sandalwood undertone. 

The Downsides: 

While the room was generally comfortable, clean, and quiet, I was woken in the morning by the sound of guests moving around in adjacent rooms and in the stairwells. The insulation here might be optimized, although it's admittedly far better than some more expensive hotels in Paris I've stayed in where the walls were paper-thin. 

The tiny elevator is another downside if you have lots of bags, or big and cumbersome ones. I had a large suitcase that was quite heavy and I had to lug it down and up a half-flight of stairs to and from the elevator, which was miniscule and barely allowed space for me and my bags. However, this is so common in Paris that it's barely worth mentioning: some of the city's quaint and charming old buildings simply can't accommodate larger elevators. For travellers with limited mobility and those in wheelchairs, however, this may indeed prove too much of a problem. Call ahead to ask staff how they might be able to accommodate you. 

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The Service 

Staff at this hotel were on the whole quite friendly and attentive even though they were unaware I was reviewing the property. The one (tiny) interaction I found frustrating was when, coming back to the hotel late at night and finding the automatic doors locked, it was unclear how to get in, and I buzzed a couple of times since I didn't see anyone at the desk. The night porter came to let us in after a moment and told me (through a smile), "You only need to buzz once, you know". I felt this gently scolding comment was a bit unnecessary given that there was no sign outside instructing guests how to get in after hours. He certainly wasn't rude, but clearer instructions for guests on this point would be welcome. 

My partner and I stayed out late the night before and so opted to sleep in rather than enjoy breakfast on the inviting-looking outdoor terrace, complete with lime-green chairs and tables, plants, and wooden deck. Other reviewers have rated the continental style breakfast as very good, although some said it's a bit pricey. I would advise giving it a try, as the atmosphere on the deck looks very pleasant indeed. 

Overall, service here was very good, and made for a generally pleasant stay.

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