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Kristin Addis at Burning Man
••• Kristin at Burning Man. Kristin Addis

 Kristin Addis is a freelance travel writer and travel blogger who has been traveling the world as a solo nomad since 2012. 

Her expertise is related to authentic cultural experiences, much of which is best explored by attending festivals around the world.  From Coachella to Burning Man to Songkran in Thailand, Kristin's got your festival needs covered. 


 Kristin spent four years as an investment banker in California prior to selling off her life in order to travel.  During that time she attended just about every west coast-based festival available including yoga festivals, the Orange and LA county fairs, Coachella, and Burning man.  Now that she travels full time, she attends cultural, food and wine, and music festivals all over the world. 

In addition to, Kristin writes the blog where she chronicles her experiences traveling solo in Asia, Oceania, North America, and Europe. Rather than relying on tours or guide books, she always takes local transportation so that she can speak with locals, gain knowledge on the best off-the-beaten path insider knowledge possible, and passes the information on to her readers. This includes special festival tips and tricks. 


 Kristin graduated Cum Laude from University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied global socioeconomics and politics. 

She also received a scholarship to study Mandarin at National Taiwan Normal University's Mandarin Training Center

Kristin Addis

 There is really no better way to feel like part of the local culture than to participate in a festival, both in your own back yard and abroad.

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