Kristen de Joseph

Kristen de Joseph is a Brooklyn-born writer, editor, and academic researcher based in Leiden, the Netherlands – hometown of Dutch cultural icons from Rembrandt to disc jockey Armin van Buuren. She moved to Holland a mere four months after her first visit, and feels fortunate every day to be able to stroll past its picturesque canals and monumental architecture.

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As a writer, Kristen's forte is arts and travel journalism, and her focus naturally falls on the vibrant arts scene, culinary world, and travel opportunities the Netherlands offers. She buffets this with her extensive travel experience both in the Netherlands and Europe.

Kristen has contributed to various print and online publications aimed at travelers to Europe, and her diverse editorial experience runs from academic to popular publications.

Kristen de Joseph

For me, daily life in the Netherlands holds constant reminders of the illustrious past and present of the Low Countries. And despite its modest size, the Netherlands continues to be one of the international movers and shakers in science, culture and history. At the same time, the Netherlands – even Amsterdam – often feels like a well-kept secret: there's so much below the surface that tourists rarely find without the help of a local. As a "resident outsider" – an American expat in the Netherlands – I have access to these insider tips, but also a sense of what appeals most to visitors, since I'm both at once!

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