KP International Market

The most adventurous grocery shopping trip of your life

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KP International Market is quite possibly the only place in Sacramento where you can eat an authentic Mexican taco, a Korean bibimbap and Russian chicken – all in the same meal. If the illustrious food court offerings don’t hook you, the wide variety of things to purchase will. And of course, there are plenty of photo ops, too.

KP International Market Overview

It started out as a Korean marketplace – nothing special or unique about that out here in California’s melting pot. However over the years, KP International Market grew to include a wide variety of other cultures’ cuisines, as well as an impressive variety of items for those craving a bit of adventure on their next grocery run.

Today you will find Mexican, Korean, Russian,  Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Mediterranean offerings both in the food court and in the market itself.

Unique Food Court

Chances are you left your food court dining days behind with your high school textbooks and first car, but KP International Market is different. In short, this is the cheapest way to travel – so many languages to be heard all around as you indulge in a wide variety of cuisines.

While the mall food court has “Italian” and “Chinese” food (I use the quotations strongly here), KP International Market has truly authentic dishes from both these nations as well as several others mentioned prior. Choose from pre-made items or go for something made to order. Either way, a hopeless Caucasian like me will likely butcher an item name or two during the purchasing process.

If you get overwhelmed by the choices, head over to the Russian section of the food court and order Chicken in a Basket. Your senses will adore the chicken that’s wrapped in a pastry shell and filled with seasoned mashed potatoes. The aforementioned Chinese food is also incredible – I traveled to Taiwan a decade ago and the dishes found here in the middle of Rancho Cordova brought back some wonderful culinary memories.

The Market

Supersize your local grocery store and add in a few giant tanks of exotic marine life and some unrecognizable fruits, and you can sort of get an idea of what KP International Market is like. With aisles divided by ethnic origin, there is also a large Asian home goods section where you can buy both functional items you wonder why you’ve never thought of, and items apropos for that next white elephant gift exchange.

Perhaps the best part of the market – if your kitchen isn’t out of fresh turtle, that is – are the prices. Everything is fair, fresh and affordable. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce some new foods into your family’s diet without blowing your grocery budget. Best of all, it’s fun. Reserve a few hours so you can not only eat and shop, but also snap a photo of a gourd comparable to your head circumference.

At the KP International Market, it’s always time for an adventure. 

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