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Phoenix coaster at Knoebels
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With its Fascination parlor, generous collection of classic spinning rides, dizzying array of colored lights, and other retro touches, Knoebels transports guests to a bygone era. To add to its status as a classic amusement park, Knoebel's is one of the few remaining free-admission, pay-per-ride parks. It's also family-owned and -operated, which is a rarity these days as well. In fact, the Knoebel family has been running the property since 1926, and its personal touch and pride is evident throughout the park.

Knoebels takes special pride in its two wooden coasters, Twister and Phoenix. Both of the rides were resurrected from other parks, and both are adored by coaster fans. The Knoebels folks like to tackle projects in-house and designed and built the Haunted Mansion, a classic dark ride that opened to great acclaim in 1973 (and not to be confused with Disney’s Haunted Mansion). The park also built the Flying Turns, a bobsled-style coaster that uses a wooden trough and is an ode to a 1930s-era ride.

Knoebels does not offer a full-fledged water park, but it does include a couple of water slides and a pool as well a watery activity area for younger kids. The park gets high marks for its food, which includes a sit-down, full-service restaurant. Located deep in the Pennsylvania woods, Knoebels is well worth the ride.

Featured Attractions

  • Two highly regarded wooden coasters, Phoenix and Twister.
  • The beloved Haunted Mansion, a retro dark ride.
  • Lots of classic spinning rides.
  • A scenic skyride up the mountain.

Recent Additions to the Park

  • In 2015, the park opened Impulse, a steel roller coaster that soars up and down a 98-foot vertical lift hill and first drop and includes inverted elements such as a loop and an in-line twist.
  • At the end of the 2013 season, The Flying Turns, a bobsled-like wooden coaster, finally opened after many years of delay.
  • In 2012, Knoebels repurposed a former Jersey shore steel family coaster into Black Diamond, an indoor/outdoor coaster that features a mining theme.

​What's to Eat?

The park is renowned for its tasty, reasonably priced food. The Alamo is a full-service restaurant with full dinners. The pizza at Cesari’s is quite good. Among the more quirky items available are fried pickles, potato cakes, and Polish platters.

Admission Policy

Knoebels is one of the few remaining free-admission parks. Rides are individually priced and tickets can be purchased a la carte. Discounted ticket books are available. Knoebels also offers pay-one-price options. Discounted prices are available for children (under 48 inches) and for arrival after 5 p.m. Group rates are available.

Hotel Info

Knoebels operates its own onsite campground. Compare rates for Knoebels-area hotels at TripAdvisor.

Location and Phone

Elysburg, Pennsylvania



The physical address is 391 Knoebels Blvd.

From I-80 West: Bloomsburg Exit 232 to Buckhorn, PA 42 south to Catawissa. Cross bridge and take PA 487 south for 6 miles to park.

From I-80 East: Danville Exit 224, to PA 54 E thru Danville. Across the river, PA 54 turns left to Elysburg.

Left on PA 487 N at the light to park.

From I-81 South: Near Hazleton, take I-80 and I-81 junction. Follow I-80 West directions above.

From I-81 North: Minersville Exit 116. Left onto 901 west to PA 54 west. Right on PA 487 north at the light to park.

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