Top 5 Kitesurfing Destinations in South America

Coche Island, Venezuela
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Some of the world's best kitesurfing destinations are in South America. The continent of South America has a long coastline offering many opportunities. In ​Chile, the coastline stretches down to the south and the warm coastlines of Ecuador and Colombia offer a variety of different sea conditions.

One of the sports that has found a home in several sites around this coastline is kitesurfing, which is an exciting combination of surfing and paragliding, The best kitesurfing destinations combine stunning golden beaches with a good breeze and waves to suit the kitesurfing style.​

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Pinamar, Argentina

Pinamar Argentina
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On the northeast coast of ​Argentina, this small resort has become one of the most popular places in Argentina for kite surfers. It is particularly popular during January and February when it can get quite busy.

The wide sandy beaches provide great surroundings, with regular winds blowing towards the shore, while its location is just a few hours from Buenos Aires, which makes it accessible for international visitors as well as the locals.

The season in Pinamar runs from September until March which is when the weather is at its best, and for those looking to learn the sport, there is also a kitesurfing school that offers lessons to those who are new to kitesurfing.

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Coche Island, Venezuela

Coche Island
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Situated off the north coast of Venezuela, Coche Island enjoys many of the features that can be enjoyed in the Caribbean. The golden beaches on the west coast of the island make for great kitesurfing conditions.

The beaches on this side of the coast enjoy regular offshore winds and calm waters which make it a great location for learning the sport, as well as offering a playground for more experienced kite surfers. The local kitesurfing schools offer lessons for those taking up the sport. While the best conditions are between November and May, the consistent climate means it is possible to go ​kitesurfing throughout the year.

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Manta, Ecuador

Manta, Ecuador
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Located on the west coast of Ecuador, Manta is the country's fifth largest city, and it is at the Santa Marianita beach. Here kitesurfing has found a good home, with great waves and regular wind conditions combined with warm water temperatures.

The kitesurfing season in Manta runs from May to January when the daytime temperatures are comfortable and the seas are pleasant. Manta is a great place for novices to learn as well as offering great conditions for more experienced kitesurfers. Manta also offers plenty of other activities such as kayaking and hiking for those days when the conditions aren't just right.

If you're looking for more of a party head to nearby Montanita, which is the most popular coastal town in Ecuador for tourists looking for nightlife. 

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Arica, Chile

Arica Chile
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Located right at the northern tip of the Chilean west coast, this city offers a great series of beaches that have long been popular among surfers, and there are now increasing numbers of kite surfers to be found there too.

The two main beaches which draw the ​kitesurfing community are Chinchorro and La Capilla, which are both wide open beaches that provide great conditions. Another benefit is that Arica's kitesurfing conditions remain stable for much of the year, as the town has a dry mild desert climate which means that it is one of the driest cities on earth in terms of rainfall.

Arica is also close to the beautiful region of the Atacama Desert, which is one of the most popular locations in South America and a great place to relax after a vigorous holiday of kitesurfing.

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Cumbuco, Brazil

Cumbuco, Brazil Kitesurfers
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On the northeast coast of Brazil, the small village of Cumbuco is one that has spent most of its history surviving on the abundant fishing waters around the coast. Over recent years the village has developed into a popular site for kite surfers in Brazil and is attracting more tourists. The mild temperatures combine with the South East Trade Winds to make a great kitesurfing destination between June and February. 

The village is an idyllic place to visit, surrounded by sand dunes, and with access to long stretches of untouched beaches, meaning everyone can find a spot that is quiet and perfect for kite surfing.

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