What Is the Kindergarten Cut-off Age in Georgia?

Georgia kindergartners must be 5 years old

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Wondering what age your child will start kindergarten in Georgia?

Children must be 5 years old by Sept. 1 to start kindergarten in Georgia. They must be 6 years old by Sept. 1 to start first grade in Georgia. 

Can You Enroll in Kindergarten at Age 4? Some states have later cut-off dates, allowing children to start kindergarten at age 4. If you moved to Georgia from one of these states, you can enroll your child in Georgia kindergarten as long as the child is 5 by Dec.


The same goes for first grade. Transplants can enroll a child in first grade as long as he or she is 6 by Dec. 31. Schools are required to verify these ages before enrollment.

Is Kindergarten Mandatory?

In Georgia, public kindergarten is not mandatory, but it is available in every school district. If you want to enroll your child in kindergarten, check the school's website or call the school to find out about registration dates and get the year calendar. 

Learn About Georgia's Pre-K Program

If your child is too young to enroll in kindergarten in Georgia, he or she may be able to do pre-k. 

Georgia also offers a pre-k program to give kids a jump start on their education. This program is funded by the state lottery and typically runs alongside the regular school calendar.

It's open to kids who are 4 before Sept. 1 of that school year. Participants also must live in Georgia. If your child missed pre-k as a 4-year-old but isn't yet ready for kindergarten, he or she may be eligible to enroll in pre-k at age 5.

Talk to the pre-k program about the details involved in requesting this exception. 

Kids who are 6 or older can't enroll in the pre-k program.