You Can Borrow a TikTok-Famous Lamp for Your Next Hotel Stay

It's Kimpton's latest bid to attract Gen Z travelers

Kimpton hotel room with a sunset lamp projecting an orange circle on the room ceiling.

Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels

TikTok has changed the way we shop, and now, products made famous on Gen Z's favorite app are appearing in hotel rooms.

Kimpton Hotels, a part of the InterContinental Hotel Group, introduced a lending program of the famed sunset lamps, a viral TikTok phenomenon. The lamps are touted as a remedy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but the real appeal is that they look cool. Who wouldn't want a permanent sunset bathing your room in an orange glow?

To add a sunset lamp to your vacation, book a stay at a participating hotel, request a light at check-in, and it's yours for the duration of the visit. The hotels participating in the program include: 

The lamps are the latest addition to hotel amenities that appeal to Gen Z travelers. The oldest members of the digital native generation are in their mid-20s, making them a huge market for the hospitality industry. While the jury is still out on what Gen Z prioritizes most in a trip, unique experiences and settings are definitely at the top of the list. In a 2020 survey run by Airbnb, interest in experiences among Gen Z travelers is skyrocketing, with nature experience bookings up almost 200 percent.

Gen Z is also more open about mental health struggles than previous generations while being more likely to have fair or poor mental health. What does that have to do with travel? Kimpton is also offering 1,000 free virtual therapy sessions with Talkspace to guests over 18 staying at one of 60 Kimpton hotels. The sessions can be claimed by emailing with proof of stay. They're first-come, first-served, but the KimptonxTalkspace partnership also includes a $100 promotional code for Talkspace services for all stays through December 2022, sent in a pre-arrival email.

The lamps and therapy service are the latest examples of hoteliers thinking outside the box with amenities that turn accommodations into well-rounded experiences.

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