Killington K-1 Gondola Rides

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    An Amazing Way to Leaf Peep During Fall Foliage Season in Vermont

    Gondola Rides at Killington in Killington Vermont
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    A K-1 Gondola ride at Killington is a spectacular way to leaf peep during fall foliage season in Vermont (or a fun summer adventure). In these photos, you'll see the leaves just starting to change and learn about making the most of a K-1 Gondola sky ride to the summit of Killington Peak, where views stretch into five states and Canada. To confirm hours of operation, call Killington at 800-621-MTNS.

    These photos were taken during a Labor Day Weekend trip to Killington. My 5-year-old loved her first sky ride so much that she shouted "Again, again!" when we returned to the base. On the way up, we'd discussed the price of the tickets, so when we told her, "No," she cleverly and determinedly reminded us: "I was free, so I can ride again!"

    We didn't allow her to ride alone, but we placated her with the promise we'd return to ride the gondola again some day.

    Enjoy these scenes and tips for your...MORE trip to the mountaintop in Killington, Vermont.

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    The Easy Way to Mountain Climb

    Killington K-1 Gondola
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    The K-1 Gondola at Killington takes passengers to the 4,241-foot summit of Killington Peak—the second tallest mountain in Vermont—in just minutes. It's a smooth ride that allows just enough time to enjoy the panoramic views.

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    Looking Down at the Leaves

    Vermont Fall Foliage Viewed from Killington K-1 Gondola Ride - Leaf Peeping from the Sky
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    The K-1 Gondola ride at Killington in Vermont is an amazing way to leaf peep. Colors begin to emerge earliest at high elevations, so we were even able to view touches of fall color during our Labor Day Weekend sky ride.

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    Bring Your Bike

    Killington K-1 Gondola to the Summit of Killington Peak - Bring Your Bike
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    Want to mountain bike when you reach the summit of Killington Peak? You can stow your bike on the back of your gondola for the ride to the mountaintop. Additional fees apply; helmets are required. Mountain bikes can be rented at the Killington Base Lodge.

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    Approaching the Peak

    Killington K-1 Gondola Sky Ride Approaching the Peak
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    Although you may want to avoid the Killington K-1 Gondola if you have a fear of heights, most passengers will find this enclosed sky ride to the peak to be a smooth and enjoyable journey. Don't forget your camera (with a neck strap)!

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    Rugged Scenery

    Killington Summit Photo with Rugged Alpine Terrain and K-1 Gondola - Killington Vermont
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    During the mile-and-a-quarter trip up Killington Peak, you'll experience a dramatic change in scenery. While the trees are leafy and lush near the base, the summit's rugged alpine terrain is more sparsely treed with spindly evergreens.

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    Mountain Biking with a View

    Killington Mountain Biking - Photo of Mountain Bikers at the Summit of Killington Peak Vermont
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    The K-1 Gondola gives mountain bikers of all abilities access to more than 45 miles of trails, which range from exhilarating vertical drops to easy, scenic terrain. If you're new to mountain biking, you can even reserve a guided tour or lesson.

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    Taking Dining to New Heights

    Killington Dining
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    You don't need to do anything more strenuous than eating and drinking when your gondola reaches the mountaintop. The restaurant in this photo has been replaced by an all new Killington Peak Lodge, where you can drink and dine when you reach the summit.

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    The Observation Deck

    Observation Deck at Killington Peak Accessible Via K-1 Gondola Chairlift Ride - Killington Vermont
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    On a clear day, views stretch into five states and Canada from the observation deck atop Killington Peak. It can be brisk up here, even when temperatures are mild at the base, so bring a jacket or sweatshirt along on your K-1 Gondola ride in the fall.

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    Zooming in on the Foliage

    Looking at Views through Coin-Operated Binoculars on the Killington Summit Observation Deck
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    Bring a few quarters, too, especially if you have kids. They'll love spying leaves through the coin-operated binoculars on the observation deck at the Killington summit.

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    The View from the Top

    Killington Mountain Vermont - Picture of The View from the Top
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    Be sure to allow ample time to breathe the fresh, pine-infused air atop Killington Mountain and to appreciate the view from the top. If you plan to enjoy a picnic lunch and a hike or bike ride, you can easily turn your gondola ride into a half-day adventure.

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    A Last Look

    View from Killington Summit Killington Vermont
    © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    I hope this last look at the view from Killington's summit inspires you to plan your own fall trek to Killington, Vermont, for a memorable leaf-peeping experience aboard the K-1 Gondola, which operates daily mid-June through Labor Day and during the height of the fall foliage season (September 18 through October 14 in 2018). Purchase your tickets online in advance, and you'll save on your adventure.