Kiersten Rich

••• Kiersten in Bolivia. The Blonde Abroad

Like many people, Kiersten was taught to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Not once did she consider that chasing the societal idea of “success” would lead to an unfulfilling and unhappy life. After graduating from university and getting a job at a prestigious financial firm in Los Angeles, Kiersten soon realized she was living someone else’s dream. She left her career to travel the world, volunteer in developing countries, and discover her own happily ever after.


In addition to writing for, Kiersten runs the website The Blonde Abroad, an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, food, festivals and photography from around the world. Kiersten has been a solo traveler for nearly 3 years and has explored over 35 countries.


Kiersten holds a Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning from San Diego State University

Kiersten Rich

"I hope to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing short of extraordinary."  -Kiersten Rich

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