Kids Yoga Classes in Houston

Children exercising in yoga class

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Yoga classes have become a staple among soccer moms, athletes, and body-builders alike. Now kids can get in on the bliss as well with kids yoga classes offered throughout the city of Houston, Texas. Like adult classes, kids yoga classes are often offered on a monthly basis as well as a one-time, drop-in class. Kids yoga has been proven to improve focus, self-confidence, and coordination in children as young as 4 years old. Check out one of the participating kids' yoga centers below.


With multiple studios throughout the Houston area, YogaOne offers kids classes for ages 4 and up, as well as babysitting services for parents attending their own yoga classes. Note: Parents aren't allowed in the kids' yoga class so that kids can have their space to practice and teachers are freed up to devote their instruction to the little yogis. 

Yoga 4 Kids

At Yoga 4 Kids in Humble, school-aged children learn yoga poses through games, music, stories, and art. Year-round classes take place after school and summer camps are available as well. Extend yoga training for the little ones with supplemental materials including the Yoga 4 Kids Game and Yoga 4 Kids DVD (purchase on their website). Private classes are also offered. 

Big Yoga

Big Yoga is located in the River Oaks area just off Allen Parkway. This studio aims to foster self-confidence and creativity in children between ages 2 and 12. Expect games, structured exercises, and the occasional craft project. Kids classes are offered at the same time as adult classes, making it easy for the whole family to get involved. 

Earth Kids Yoga

Benefits of kids yoga classes at Earth Kids Yoga span from speech improvements to physical coordination. Using games, music, and imaginary travel, children will learn basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. Park classes, private lessons, and birthday parties are available.

Happy Belly Studios 

This Oak Forest area studio offers private training, small group, and family yoga where children are welcome. For families serious about yoga practice or who want a little more individualized attention, the private classes allow instructors to adapt the stances and positions to match each child's individual needs and ensure proper technique as they advance through their training. 

Motherhood Center

At the Motherhood Center, yoga classes are offered for postpartum moms and their babies to repair the postpartum body, meet other mothers in a warm and welcoming environment, and strengthen the bond between mom and baby. Instructors are understanding of the fact that babies may need several breaks throughout the class and encourage mothers to soothe them as needed. Each class ends with a gentle baby massage. No previous yoga experience is required for these courses.

YMCA Houston

Several YMCA locations throughout Houston offer mommy and me and family classes during the week and on the weekend that often incorporate yoga and pilates poses. Parents have to attend the classes with their children, and some require you be a YMCA Houston member and/or to pre-register, but prices aren't as high as traditional yoga studios. Times, prices, and offerings tend to vary by location, so be sure to check out each location's website for details. 

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