Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix

Can't Beat Pizza, Burgers, and Ice Cream

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If your trip to Phoenix includes kids, knowing the best restaurants for them makes everyone a lot happier. Here's a list of seven of the best options in and around Phoenix that will be a fun experience for both you and the kids. Most of these have children's menus and prices, along with food that adults will like, too. You'll find pizza, burgers of all kinds, ice cream treats, comfort food, and the biggest Wurlitzer organ in the world. 

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    Rawhide Western Town & Event Center
    ••• Rawhide Western Town & Event Center

    This steakhouse is in a simulated western town in Chandler, and you can only eat there during signature and holiday events as listed on Rawhide's calendar. It's a bit touristy and not cheap when you add up all the little admissions to the attractions, but the kids will have a good time.

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    Sweet Tomatoes
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    Sweet Tomatoes is home to a salad and pasta bar, and kids like it because they can pick just what they want to eat. They will likely also love the focaccia and frozen yogurt for dessert. Sweet Tomatoes has several locations in the Phoenix area.

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    ••• Courtesy of Fuddruckers

    If your kids love burgers, they will love Fuddruckers, where you can get burgers of various sizes with a whole buffet of toppings and condiments. The toppings are serve-yourself, and kids enjoy building their own burger tower. Fresh-baked buns in-house and scrumptious fries seal the deal. Fuddruckers has several restaurants in the Phoenix metro area.

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    ••• Courtesy of Culver's

    Culver's has burgers, too, but they are smashed flat, not thick and grilled. It also has some of the best frozen custard around, and that makes just about every kid happy. Kids meals include a free scoop of frozen custard for dessert. Along with frozen custard, Culver's makes a mean milkshake, malt, and old-fashioned root beer float. Culver's has locations all over the Phoenix area.

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    5 & Diner
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    The 5 & Diner restaurant is just what it says it is: a place that serves up diner comfort food like burgers, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and pot pie, along with breakfast all day and all night. It has a '50s vibe and won't hit you hard in the wallet. Business Insider voted it the Best Diner in Arizona in 2014. It's just plain fun for all and there are several locations in the Phoenix area.

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    Organ Stop Pizza
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    What kid (and what parent) doesn't love pizza? At Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, you can build your own or try one of the specials on the menu. Sandwiches, salads, and a few pasta dishes round out the menu. The thing that makes Organ Stop special is its Wurlitzer organ, which was first installed in the Denver Theatre in Denver in the 1920s. After it was installed in Organ Stop Pizza in 1975, many upgrades and additions were made, and it is now the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the world. Organ Stop Pizza doesn't take plastic, so fill your wallet with plenty of cash.