Key Camping Tips for Your Music Festival Experience

a multitude of tents on a sprawling lawn

If you are going to your first spring or summer music festival, then the chances are you'll be getting your camping gear together, as camping is by far the most popular and affordable way to stay at such an event. Whether you are new to camping or simply haven't been camping in a festival before, there are plenty of things that you can do which will help to make your camping experience much more pleasant. After all, nobody wants to be worrying about getting the tent pegs in place when you could be partying and seeing your favorite bands.

Practice Putting Up Your Tent Before You Arrive

Putting up a tent in the dying light of the day when you are unpacking it for the first time is not what you want to be doing, so one of the most important things to do to prepare for the festival is to practice putting the tent up before you travel to the event. Try to remember if there are different pegs for different parts of the tent, and remember to practice packing the tent up as well, as you will want to get out quickly on Sunday evening or Monday morning when you leave.

Bring a Flag or Marker for Your Tent

Imagine trying to find one tent in a field of thousands in the night with only a limited amount of light, and all this while you are a little worse for wear after enjoying a drink or two earlier that evening. A flag or marker is a great way of being able to find your way back to your tent, but if you don't have one yourself, look for other tents with distinctive markers and pitch near them, to help you get back to your tent.

Buy a Larger Tent Than You Need

However many people you are traveling with, buy a tent that is larger than the one that you need, as two people in a two-man tent will find that space within that tent will be at a real premium, and a larger tent is a lot more comfortable. This will give you space to move around and to store your clothing, drinks and other camping equipment without infringing on your sleeping space.

Choosing the Spot for Your Tent

The key to a good camping spot is to be within walking distance of toilets and security towers, without being so close that you will have people walking by all night. To get the best spots try to show up as early as possible, and look for a spot that is a few yards away from the walkway without being right next to it.

Bring Plenty of Water

A weekend of dancing and drinking will take its toll on your body, so making sure that you bring plenty of water as well as beer with you will help you to ensure that you can quench your thirst when you wake up parched in the morning.

Looking After Your Valuables in the Tent

The best tip is to bring as few valuables as possible with you, and not to take anything that you could not afford to lose, but when it comes to bringing the items with you, make sure you hide them in the tent. Do not leave valuables in bag pockets or near the door to the tent, rather conceal them a little further inside.

Prepare for Rain

Unless you are going to a desert festival such as Burning Man, there is a chance that you will have to deal with rain, so make sure that your tent is waterproof, and you bring a good set of waterproofs with you. Despite the temptation, remove any wet clothing before you get into your tent, and have a travel towel ready to dry off before getting in the sleeping bag.

Make Friends With Breakfast!

A simple gas stove and a few basic supplies will help to make you one of the most popular people on the campsite, and a few bacon or sausage sandwiches are the cornerstone of the traditional festival breakfast.