Guide to Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver, BC

Things to Do in Vancouver's Kerrisdale Village

Kerrisdale Village--a shopping and dining district that extends along 41st Avenue from Maple to Larch in Vancouver's southwest Kerrisdale neighbourhood--has been a thriving business area since the early 1900's. Today, Kerrisdale Village is home to a mix of older, locally-owned shops and newer boutiques, as well as charming cafés, eateries and organic markets.

Use this Guide to Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver to discover all the area has to offer; it's ideal for shopping for kids, gifts, and specialty foods.

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    How to Get to Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver

    Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver, BC
    ••• Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver, BC. Photo by Dana Lynch

    Kerrisdale Village spans 41st Avenue from Maple Street to Larch Street. It's a 10 minute drive west from Oakridge Mall. If you're driving, it's easy to find (metered) street parking close to the shops.

    If you don't have a car, You can take Canada Line rapid transit to Oakridge Station, then transfer to a bus heading west on 41st Ave, or plan your bus trip via TransLink.

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    Fashion at Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver

    Hills of Kerrisdale in Vancouver BC
    ••• Hills of Kerrisdale. Photo by Dana Lynch

    Kerrisdale Village isn't a trendy place to shop for fashion; for that, you need to go Downtown Vancouver or to Gastown. Rather, Kerrisdale Village caters to customers looking for classic northwest fashion and necessities, exemplified by Hills of Kerrisdale, a clothing shop that's been in business since 1914. Hills stocks high-quality bags, jewelry, and everyday wear for men and women; it's a must-visit for the history alone.

    Shoe-lovers will enjoy the fashionable shoe shops at Kerrisdale Village, but overall this isn't a destination for serious fashionistas. The fashion here is, overall, classic and unprepossessing.

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    Shopping for Kids at Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver

    Cowboys & Angels Toy Store, Kerrisdale, Vancouver
    ••• Cowboys & Angels Toy Store in Kerrisdale Village. Photo by Dana Lynch

    The Kerrisdale neighbourhood is a family-oriented one, so it's no surprise that Kerrisdale Village has lots of shops for kids, from toy stores to kids' clothing. If you have kids under 12, it's definitely worth a visit, especially for the unique and locally-owned kid boutiques. (The kid fashion is better than the adult fashion, in my opinion.)

    These are a few stand-outs:

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    Unique Shops & Gifts at Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver

    Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationary, Kerrisdale, Vancouver
    ••• Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationary in Kerrisdale Village. Photo by Dana Lynch

    First-time visitors to Kerrisdale Village must stop in at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationary, a stationary and gift shop that's been in business for over 55 years. Charming and full of things to look at, Buchan's is also a must during the winter holidays, when its historic exterior gets decked out for the Christmas season.

    Other unique shops for gifts include Hagar Books (established in 1974), Vancouver's only Call the Kettle Black culinary shop, and custom jewelry from The Perfect Gift.

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    Food, Cafés & Organic Markets at Kerrisdale Village in Vancouver

    Afternoon tea at Adonia Teahouse, Kerrisdale, Vancouver
    ••• Adonia Teahouse in Kerrisdale Village. Image Courtesy of Adonia Teahouse

    Kerrisdale Village is full to the brim with coffee shops and cafés; favourites include Bean Brothers Cafe and Adonia Teahouse, where you can indulge in an authentic English high tea. There are also lovely bakeries and specialty food shops, including Benton Brothers Fine Cheese, Vancouver-favourite Cobs Bread, and Gem Chocolates, one of the Best Vancouver Chocolatiers & Boutique Chocolate Shops.

    For groceries, check out Westwood Organic Produce.