Kentucky State Fair Photo Gallery

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    State Fair of Kentucky Information

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    If you missed the most recent state fair or you simply want to relive the fun again, check out this Kentucky State Fair photo gallery for state fair images, information, and fun facts.

    For more than 100 years, people from across Kentucky and its surrounding states have gathered once a year for the annual state fair of Kentucky. Though it was originally designed for those in the field of agriculture, today the Kentucky State Fair attracts more than 600,000 people each year with its variety of events, concerts, and competitions.

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    Kentucky State Fair Free Attractions

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    There are a ton of Kentucky State Fair free attractions to experience once you've paid the admission fee to get into the fairgrounds. There is a free concert almost every night of the fair, tons of free samples are handed out on Main Street, you can get free health care and health advice, you can browse through the art and animal exhibits for free, and you can watch dozens of free shows that go on all over the fairgrounds. If you can just scrape up the change to get into the fair, you'll definitely have a great time, even if you don't spend another penny.

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    Louisville Kentucky State Fair Rides

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    The Louisville Kentucky State Fair rides are definitely one of the top attractions among fairgoers. Every year, the fair midway is jam-packed with tons of traditional fair rides and carnival games.

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    Kentucky State Fair and Expo Food

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    One of the things I look forward to most during the summer is the Kentucky State Fair and Expo food. From the lemon shake-ups to the gigantic pork chops, there is more delicious food at the fair than anywhere else in town at any point in the year. Head out to the fair this year to enjoy funnel cakes, Polish sausages, turkey legs, fried candy bars and more.

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    Kentucky State Fair and Exposition Shopping

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    Many people look forward to going to the Kentucky State Fair and Exposition every year to go shopping at the commercial exhibits. The commercial exhibit area is where product demonstrators, local groups, and many businesses gather to sell or promote their products and services.

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    Kentucky State Fair Concert Alternatives

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    If you can't make it to a Kentucky State Fair concert, there are alternatives to get your fix for live music. The Mike Lining's tent has an annual karaoke contest that brings out some of the state's best singers that you won't discover in any band.

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    Concerts at the Kentucky State Fair

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    Every year, dozens of bands play concerts at the Kentucky State Fair. These concerts are played by both local and national acts. Some of the concerts are free and some require the purchase of a ticket.

    Music Tent
    The Kentucky State Fair music tent is a large tent where beer is served and live, local bands play throughout the night. The music tent is one of the fair's more popular evening attractions. The music tent is an outside attraction generally set up adjacent to the fair midway.

    Paid Concerts
    Kentucky State Fair paid concerts are held at Freedom Hall. These concerts typically feature big-name national acts that are currently on tour in the U.S.

    Free Concerts
    Kentucky State Fair free concerts are held in Cardinal Stadium. These concerts typically feature national acts that haven't released a new album in a while.

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    Submit a Kentucky State Fair Entry

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    The Kentucky State Fair has competitions in thousands of categories that are separated into 30 different departments, including several livestock categories, antiques, homemade beer and wine, fine arts and crafts, and hobbies. If you're interested in submitting a Kentucky State Fair entry to the next annual competition program, find an entry form and more information on the competition section of the official Kentucky State Fair website.

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    Lynn's Paradise Cafe Ugly Lamp Contest

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    Sponsored by Lynn's Paradise Café, the Kentucky State Fair Ugly Lamp Contest is one of the most popular fair displays. Every year the contest receives hundreds of entries, from those that were made ugly by their manufacturer to those that were made ugly by their entrant. The winner of the contest wins the coveted prize of a free breakfast a week at Lynn's Paradise Café.

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    Kentucky State Fair Art Competition

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    The Kentucky State Fair art competition is one of the most popular Main Street attractions. Local artists submit their work to the Kentucky State Fair art competition in a number of forms, including paintings, photography, sculptures, charcoals, and more.

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    Kentucky State Fair Photography Competition

    © 2008 Jessica Elliott

    The Kentucky State Fair photography competition is one of the most popular exhibits within the Kentucky State Fair art display. Aspiring local photographers submit their work to the Kentucky State Fair photography competition in hopes of winning an award ribbon for their work, and the photography stays on display in the Main Street exhibit for the duration of the fair.