Kentucky Derby Pegasus Pins

A Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin from 2012
Mali Anderson 

When it is Derby season in Louisville, KY, you hear a lot of talk about Pegasus Pins. What is a Pegasus Pin? The pins are part of the Kentucky Derby Festival, a celebration of all things Derby two weeks prior to the horses running the race. If you are new to Louisville, or on your first Kentucky Derby visit, you may have questions about the festival and the pins.

Who Produces the Pegasus Pins?

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a series of events to get everyone in a festive Derby mood, the celebration is organized by a non-profit organization that carries the same name. The Derby Festival is comprised of over 70 events taking place during the 2-weeks prior to the Kentucky Derby. The launch of the festival of events is Thunder Over Louisville. The pins are worn to show support of, and fund, the Derby Festival.

How Much are They?

Individual pins are 5 dollars when you purchase them in advance. If you buy them at an event, they could cost more. Sometimes you can also find deals for buying multiples. For example, a family five packs might be available. The family packs include five pins, each a different color, for 20 dollars. The sales from the pins make up 20% of the Derby Festival budget.

What Do They Get Me Into?

Purchasers of the pins are granted free access to over 30 festival events, including the Great Balloon events, the parade preview party and all the events at Kroger’s Fest-A-Ville. You will need to plan ahead because the two weeks of the Kentucky Derby Festival are packed with events.

Do People Collect Pegasus Pins?

Yes! The pins look different each year. Some years there were even specific pins for individuals participating in certain events such as the Great Balloon Race. If you are interested in pin collecing, know that there are pin trading events happening during Derby season. Check out the pin trading schedule at the Pegasus Pin page.

Where Do I Get One?

If you are shopping in and around Louisville during Derby season, Pegasus Pins will be hard to miss. The pins are sold at over 1,000 retail outlets and financial institutions, they are even at grocery stores. Keep your eyes open when shopping in Greater Louisville or Southern Indiana and you’ll see them.

I’ve Looked for Pegasus Pins and Still Can’t Find Any

Try one of these locations; Belle of Louisville, Circle K, Class Act Federal Credit Union, CVS, Derby Dinner Playhouse, Fifth Third Bank, Frank Otte Nursery, Kroger, Louisville Science Center, Louisville Visitors Center, Rite Aid, Southern Indiana Tourism Bureau, The Company Store at Yum!, U.S. Bank, ValuMarket, Walgreens.

Why Are They Called Pegasus Pins?

A Pegasus is a mythological winged horse. The symbol is often associated with art and strength, two qualities the Kentucky Derby Festival strives to emulate. Pegasus is the symbol of the Kentucky Derby Festival and lives strong in the oldest Derby Festival event, the Pegasus Parade, an annual event that takes place the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby.

Where Does the Money I Spend on Pegasus Pins Go?

Sponsorships (the 5 dollars, or more if you like, paid for the pins) fund the Kentucky Derby Festival. The non-profit organization supports the parade, Thunder Over Louisville and many other Derby events.