Kelby Carr

Kelby Hartson Carr, your France for Visitors guide, is a seasoned travel writer and former resident of Nice, France. She has worked as a writer for nearly 20 years, and has traveled extensively throughout France. You can follow her on Twitter or join her France travel group on Facebook.


Kelby, her husband and her first child lived in France for a year. Kelby has seen many regions of France, traveling through bustling cities like Paris and Strasbourg, smaller cities like Chartres and Carcassonne, throughout the Pyrennees mountains in the Languedoc region, around Provence and through the Alsace.

Kelby Carr

France is a vivid, intense and wonderful country that everyone should visit. Let me guide you through the intricacies of travel planning and deciding what to do when you arrive in this luscious and delightful country!

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