6 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool on a Summer Road Trip

summer road trip

On a summer road trip, you are likely to rely on your car's air conditioning much more than usual. Worried that overusing your A/C is doing a number on your gas mileage? 

Ford Motor Company has come up with these simple ways to help you run your A/C more efficiently and stay cool this summer, no matter where your road trip takes your family:

  • Prior to your road trip, bring your car in for a periodic maintenance and ask if the cabin air filter needs to be replaced. Never just remove the filter; always replace it. 
  • Before you and your kids get into a hot car, push out hot air by lowering the windows completely.
  • Use the max A/C button for a minute or two to quickly cool down your car. 
  • If the temperature inside the car gets too cold, don’t switch the unit off. Turning the A/C on and off is inefficient. Instead, adjust the temperature or fan speed to help keep the temperature consistent.
  • Are you too cold in the front seat, but the kids are too hot in the back seat? Instead of shutting the A/C vents in the front, redirect them to the ceiling or sides of the vehicle to keep air flowing to the rear.
  • Park in the shade whenever possible or use a reflective windshield shade. These strategies can dramatically reduce heat buildup in a parked vehicle.