Kathleen Crislip

Kathleen Crislip, a freelance travel writer and full time backpack traveler, covered Student Travel for About.com between December, 2004 and December, 2012. Sharing incredible opportunities that exist only for students and that can, perhaps, change lives, was the motivation behind the labor of love that was building this site, and Kathleen's moved on to more adventures.


If Kathleen recommended a place, itinerary, tour company or activity, it was because she'd been there and done that either as a student traveler/backpacker, a reviewer and writer for international travel guides, or a freelance travel writer: her name in the byline means the real deal.


Journalism, Washington State University

Kathleen Crislip

Whether you're traveling for fun, study or a bit of both, enjoy, first and foremost. Make that wild leap into the great beyond: you will never regret it.

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