Kansas City's Top Tours

brewery tour Kansas City
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If you're looking for fun things to do during your trip to Kansas City, Missouri, don't miss out on these top tours. From brewery tours to gangster history, there's something for everyone.

Boulevard Brewery Tour

The laid-back Boulevard Beer is handcrafted right in Kansas City. The great tour of the hometown hopper makes our top pick as Kansas City's best tour. Hit the brew tour to hear a brief spiel on Bully's history, head through the plant to see the beer-making in action, then head back to the tasting room for a good hour of free tastings of Boulevard's finest ales straight from the tap.

Location: 2351, 2534 Madison Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

Roasterie Tour

The Roasterie not only roasts some of the best beans anywhere but also has an amazingly good smelling tour offered six days a week. If you love coffee--you'll learn everything you need to know about how KC Coffman Danny O'Neil started The Roasterie, where the coffee comes from, who discovered coffee, and even the process it takes to turn a cocoa bean into a sinfully delicious cup of java.

Location: 1204 W 27th St., Kansas City, MO 64108

Shatto Milk Company

If you've wandered down a Kansas City milk aisle lately, you've likely noticed those cool glass milk bottles that boast hormone-free milk and utterly delicious flavors like root-beer and orange creme. This amazing milk is locally produced at Shatto Farm, a few minutes from Northland. Leroy Shatto gives you a first-hand look at their dairy farm where you'll see the bottling process, feed a baby calf and sample some delish milk.

Location: 9406 N. HWY. 33, Osborn, MO 64474

Kansas City Gangster Tour

Kansas City is rich in history and if the era of gangsters and mobsters intrigues you--hop on the Kansas City Gangster Tour's famed 'Bonnet Bus' where you'll witness gangster hangouts, their reported homes, known speakeasy's, and even see the bullet holes from the infamous Union Station Massacre. The tour wraps with what else--dinner at Garazzo's.

Location: Tour starts at Union Station and lasts approximately 1.5 to 3 hrs.

Harley-Davidson Factory Tour

If you're a Harley enthusiast or not, the Harley-Davidson Factory Tour is a must-do in the Kansas City area. Harley-Davidson's Vehicle and Powertrain Operations are housed in the company's Kansas City North facilities. See the production of America's fave cycles--and get to step on the factory floor to see some truly amazing technology.

Location: 11401 N. Congress, KC MO 64153

Flying Monkey Brewery Tour

One thing for sure, they don't monkey around on the Flying Monkey Brewery Tour. Learn about their ales, how the Flying Monkey came about, and sample their great tasting brews. The tastings are free and they don't skimp on the tastings -- you get to sample the good stuff in a full pint glass.

Location: 311 N. Burch St., Olathe, Kansas 66061