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Whether you're just passing through on a cross-country trip with your family or you're new to the city and looking to learn the best places to discover new music, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to radio stations in Kansas City.

No matter what your preferred genre of music is or which radio program format you prefer, you're likely to find something you enjoy by flipping on your car radio to either the FM or AM frequency and scanning through the stations. From listening to current events from National Public Radio (NPR) or checking out the latest top 40 tracks on "Mix 93," there's truly something for everyone in Kansas City.

Generally speaking, FM stations typically have more music while AM stations typically carry more talk show programs and sports broadcasts, including games of the hometown teams, Major League Baseball's Royals and the National Football League's Chiefs. To save time finding the perfect station for you, browse through the full list of available frequencies below.

FM Frequency Stations in Kansas City

If you're looking for the best in modern and throwback hits of every genre, your best bet is to turn on the radio to the FM frequency in Kansas City. With over 20 stations to choose from playing everything from jazz and talk radio to alternative rock and adult contemporary, there's no shortage of entertainment options for your car ride around the city.

  • KCUR 89.3 FM: The station of the University of Missouri, Kansas City, featuring NPR, jazz, and classical
  • KKFI 90.1 FM: Community radio station featuring talk shows, jazz, and easy listening
  • KJHK 90.7 FM: Kansas City University student radio featuring alternative, world, and urban
  • KWJC 91.9 FM: William Jewell College station featuring a mix of genres and programming
  • KANV 91.5 FM: NPA at the University of Kansas
  • KMXV 93.3 FM: "Mix 93," known for playing top 40 and pop
  • KFKF 94.1 FM: Country music station
  • KCHZ 95.7 FM: "The Vibe," known for playing urban, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop music
  • KRBZ 96.5 FM: "The Buzz," known for playing popular alternative
  • KZPL 97.3 FM: "The Planet," known for playing modern rock and roll
  • KUDL 98.1 FM: "Cuddle Radio," known for playing continue soft rock
  • KQRC 98.9 FM: "The Rock," known for playing rock and heavy metal
  • KYYS 99.7 FM: "KY," known for playing classic rock with the former crew of KY102
  • KCFX 101.1 FM: "The Fox," known as the "Home of the Chiefs" and for playing classic rock
  • ALICE 102.1 FM: "Alice 102," known for playing alternative rock
  • KPRS 103.3 FM: "Hot 103 Jamz," known for playing hip-hop, urban contemporary, and rap
  • KBEQ 104.3 FM: "Young Country Q104," known for playing modern country
  • KCJK 105.1 FM: "Jack FM," known for "playing whatever the Jack they want" from the 80s and 90s
  • KKJO 105.5 FM: "K-Jo," known for playing contemporary hits
  • KLZR 105.9 FM: "The Lazer," known for modern and alternative rock
  • WDAF 106.5 FM: "Country Super Station," known for playing all the best country of today and yesterday
  • KMJK 107.3 FM"Majic 107," known for playing adult urban contemporary

AM Frequency Stations in Kansas City

If you'd rather listen to the news, talk radio, sports broadcasts, or less popular genres of music spun by DJs with limited budgets, you'll want to tune your car radio to the AM frequency instead. While options for this frequency are relatively limited in Kansas City compared to FM stations, you can still pick up almost a dozen different channels while you're driving around town.

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